10 Warnings You Should Be Aware Of While Using AdWords.

Google AdWords can be most the systematic and organized way to attract targeted traffic towards your website in the least amount of time. But, kick-starting it in a correct way brings great results for your businesses. If you do things in a wrong way, it can ruin your business. Here we are going to talk about some mistakes that you must avoid in order to optimize your Google AdWords campaign-

Using irrelevant keyword matches:

Many marketers and businesses don’t take advantage of broad match, phrase match, or exact match keywords. Don’t use broad match and highly searched keywords because they are expensive and bring irrelevant traffic to your website. You need to use the most relevant and exact phrases for your business. With this, you might get fewer clicks, which will be more likely to convert. This will also improve you CTR and CPA.

Unfocused Google Display Network Campaigns:

AdWords advertisers fail because after setting their ad campaign, they forget to verify it. Your ads are displayed to a huge audience, and by not focusing on your campaign, you lose time and money.

Distorted campaigns also decrease your brand value and reputation. To avoid this situation, be focused and update your campaigns. Be results oriented to get the best results from GDN advertising.

Low Quality Scores:

Quality Score is a method of Google AdWords to know and evaluate the relevancy of your ads. If your landing page, home page and index page are less relevant with the keyword, it gets a low quality score. To fix this issue, you need to create and run various versions of ads and keep the best one, enable ad extension to improve quality score and CTR, and bid on brand-terms to increase the quality score for your campaign.

Poor Mobile Optimization:

Running Google AdWords campaigns to target your customers is an easy task. But when it comes to mobile advertising, many marketers are not taking advantage of it in the right way. Their website is either less or non-optimized for mobile. To target mobile users, you can write mobile preferred ads, enable call extension because mobile conversions begin with a call and analyze your mobile Cost-Per-Action.

Non-responsive Landing Pages:

Landing pages are the final opportunity to convert your clicks into conversions. But, if your landing pages are not generating enough profits, something is wrong. A single mistake on your landing page can ruin your conversions, return and revenue. You can optimize landing page conversion rates by using an A/B split testing. You can also design a unique landing page for each and every ad group.

Not using Negative keywords:

If you are not utilizing the benefit of negative keywords, that simply states that you are tempting the irrelevant searchers to view your ads and misspend your money. So don’t undervalue the potential of negative keywords. AdWords permits you to take advantage of negative keywords to eliminate the not matched keywords with your product. Negative keywords influence Quality score in a positive way.

Absence of keywords in ads:

Missing relevant keywords while creating your advertisements can have negative consequences for your business. It reduces the possibility of getting discovered easily by visitors. To get maximum benefits, include keywords in the title of the ad, as well as content of the ad copy. It ensures you have a high Quality Score for your landing page.

Evade Geo-targeting:

Without Geo-targeting, you are wasting your time, money and clicks and attracting irrelevant visitors. If you are running your business in a particular area, and not specifying your location, you can lose a lot of customers and brand value. To avoid this, you can use Geographic targeting to limit your advertisement for relevant searches to a specific location.

Dis-organized Ad Groups:

If you are operating your Google AdWords campaign with irrelevant keywords and uncategorized ad groups, you will never be able to achieve your desired results. To overcome this situation, you should categorize your keywords according to the relevancy of the ad. It improves CTR and the Quality Score of your ad.

Not Testing Ad position:

Your goal with AdWords is to improve your branding and generate great outcome with the advertising campaign. But, if you’re not testing for the best relevant position, this can decrease your page rankings and your audience will not be able to find you.

To get over this, you can examine various ad spots to find the best one. It will decrease your cost per click and improves your rankings in order to get better results.

By keeping all these points in mind, you can ensure that you will not move ahead in the wrong direction. These warnings are just some basic indicators that you should be careful of. Do not consider them to be the only road blocks for giving you success and ultimate growth.