Creating A Custom Audience With The Facebook Pixel

Now that you have the pixel installed onto your website, it’s time to create an audience with it. The purpose of this is to remarket to those websites visitors that came to your site. Remember, this potential lead is somewhere within that 6 to 8 month window and needs lots of reminding.

1. Again, in the top search bar, type in “audiences” and search it. Then go to “create audience” and choose “custom audience”.

2. To keep things simple we are going to create an audience that includes anyone who visits any page on your site. In the case of Realbird, this would include any website visitor that hits any of the landing pages or single property site. Now choose “Website traffic”. In the next popup you will see a setting section. Choose “ANY” on the first drop down, choose “All website visitors” in the past “180” days. (You can adjust this as you choose.) Then name your audience and “Create Audience”.

Now that you your pixel audience has been created, you can add this audience to your “Lookalike” campaign we just set up by going back to that campaign and adding this “Pixel Audience” to that already established campaign.

Go back to your account.

Once in their account, choose the Lookalike campaign to edit. On the right side, click your “Ad Set”.

Scroll down to audiences and choose the “Pixel Audience” you just created. Then go to the bottom right side of the screen and “Publish” the campaign.

Remember Facebook requires a certain amount of existing traffic before using the pixel, so run a Facebook ad to the site for 5 days prior to adding the pixel.

So you’ll have to send traffic to their pages without the pixel to begin with. Once enough traffic has visited those pages, you can add the “Pixel Audience” into the campaign.