Creating an Ad For Your Lookalike Audience

For an effective ad you need great ad content which includes copy, an image, and the landing page. Each of these needs to be carefully and strategically positioned in order to see optimum results for yourself.

Yes, you can create your own landing pages, websites, and capture forms… but let’s keep things simple and at a low cost. Use a platform that puts everything you need into one single hub. You’ve got a few choices; RealBird, Listing2Leads and Post-A-Prop. Let’s look at RealBird

You can sign up for about $40 a month or $400/year. Yes, it’s super inexpensive and the tools they have are worth GOLD.

They provide you with training material, constantly updated new methods for marketing, and much more. Take a look:

  • Single property websites
  • Virtual tours
  • Property landing pages for Facebook Ads
  • Coming Soon landing pages
  • Just Listed landing pages
  • Hot Property landing pages
  • Recently Repriced landing pages
  • Open House landing pages
  • Map based property search
  • Social and Mobile real estate marketing tools
  • SMS marketing
  • What bang for your buck!

Let’s take a quick look at why their landing pages convert so well.

Here’s an example of their “coming soon” landing page.

Here’s why these pages are so effective.

  • Compelling Titles
  • Teaser photos
  • Multiple ways to get info
  • Sharing tools for Activity that Facebook likes

These aspects of the landing page help increase conversions compared to the landing pages offered by many real estate franchises.

Once you have the landing page, the rest is pretty easy.

11. In the “Create Ad” section, under “Format” choose “Carousel”. This will let you upload several photos of the listing you want to advertise.

12. The next section is very important. You must have a compelling offer here. This will also help conversions. Here’s a few examples.

  • On the market Zero 0 days
  • The home is NOT LISTED YET.
  • Be one of the First to know the Details.
  • 4 Beds, 3.5 Baths, and a secret feature you must see!

Notice this ad uses the “take away” method because it’s NOT LISTED yet. Also it teases the view by dangling the “secret feature” while compelling the home buyer to click for the details!

It’s very important to NOT give it all away like others are doing. SO if the buyer wants to get more info, they will need to click and fill out a form. You are not running a charity here Go ahead and type in the ad content, then upload the best photos for that property. Select “Slideshow” to create an image carousel.



13. Once you’ve uploaded the photos to your carousel, fill in the headline, description, and URL. Note that less is more in this case too. The “See More” URL can be the same URL as the destination landing page. Then just click “Confirm” on the bottom right and you’re done!