Creating Your Real Estate Lookalike Audience Ad

If you were doing lead gen ads, you would need to use honed targeting to ensure the right type of activity that FB likes. And with lead gen ads, the targeting needs to include people who are interested in buying or selling a home NOW or in the next 6 months. Naturally, since real estate lead generation involves acquiring new prospects, present agent databases of past client contacts will NOT apply here.

But for top-of-mind marketing, you’ll use your current lead database. In other words, you probably already have a decent sized list of leads from your own website, open house visitor lists, and company provided leads that are presently searching for houses.

You will use these leads as a “guide” for Facebook. And this is how.

Your current prospect list is the end result of all your previous sales and these people you’ve added to your database.

So now, you will work backwards. It’s called reverse engineering.

You will upload this specific contact list of current prospects and Facebook will “copy” everything about that list when targeting! Age, area, interests(current home buyer or seller interests). It’s called a Lookalike Audience.

So what usually took a large investment of time to research can now be done instantly! The benefit to you with this approach is you can now have targeted criteria in your ads which creates higher conversion rates, more favorable activity and an overall lower cost per lead compared to just blasting the ad everywhere.

You will let Facebook reverse engineer the whole process making it not only simpler, but much easier to get quicker results.

It is also recommended that you set up a separate Facebook page just for your lead generation via top of mind marketing.

  • The page’s name should be generic with the city name or specific area name, IE: Calgary Best Value homes, or Downtown Vancouver Condos) To stay legal, you will have your information somewhere else on the Facebook page.
  • The photo should be something familiar to the residents like a sign or landmark.

These small changes will result in much higher conversion rates.