Home Buying And Home Selling Is A Process

It’s a cycle of casually looking online, to a semi-interested inquiry to an agent, to finally contacting an agent to view homes or get a hone evaluation, to an average 30-45-60 days from pending to closing.

According to Realtor.com home buyers and home sellers search online for over 6 months before even contacting an agent to view homes or get a home value! Then it may take months to find the right home to make an offer on or get the home ready to sell…

Then those offers may be turned-down, the buyers may not qualify or in hot markets be beat-out by others in a multiple offer situation…or the sellers may choose not to sell the home after all. Bringing them back to the much perceived “junk” leads. This is very important to understand. Why are some agents (and maybe you too) calling leads that will eventually turn into a commission… junk?

Think about it… Since you now agree that the buying or selling process is a cycle that takes 6-8-10 months. Look at just ONE part of this process – buyers or sellers look online for at least 6 MONTHS before even wanting to speak to a real estate agent!

THIS is where the common agent totally screws up!
  1. The buyer or seller fills out a form online.
  2. An agent calls that prospect.
  3. The agent tries to “sell” that prospect a home or a home evaluation!
  4. The prospect is not ready(remember 6 months until they are even close to being ripe?)
  5. The home buyer or home seller runs away and the agent says “awww that was a junk lead!”.

Here’s another statistic. The National Association of Realtors says up to 77% of home buyer or home seller work with the first agent they speak to!

When the buyer or seller IS ready to start physically looking at homes or getting a home evaluation, the first agent who is TOP-OF-MIND will be the agent they work with whether it’s by chance or planned.

The smart agent can make ONE…just ONE critical adjustment and close a lot more sales than just about any other agent out there!