How Can You Be The Smart and Savvy Real Estate Agent?


But not just any type of follow-up… Automation is the key. But not with autoresponders, Robo-dialers or text marketing.(although these can supplement)

It’s a way to be IN FRONT of prospects without the hassle of the old and annoying real estate follow-up techniques.

Here’s what it looks like.

Take an online home buyer or home seller lead that hits your real estate inbox. This time you don’t try to sell that prospect. Instead, you just make contact with a call or text to say “Hi, I hope you’re not offended by my call but I wanted to say THANK YOU… for using my site….

I’m here if you need anything later on… by the way there’s a way to get brand new home listings without having to speak to an agent… can I show you how to do it?”

What a difference, right? Now some real estate trainers will say this is crazy and a waste of time. Why would an agent spend so much time following up when they can sell homes to other buyers or sellers who are ready now?

You know the answer, don’t you? Most will not be ready now and the other leads will be tossed around like a hot potato among tons of other agents all trying to sell the same prospect a home or offer a home evaluation.

Enter the problem – follow up!!!

Most folks just don’t do it. Partly because the amount of follow up it takes for just one viable prospect can take a lot out of you! Now imagine having to follow up with 100s of leads within a database!

Some techniques that may work on a small scale but, in the end, they prove inefficient. Finally we will go over the ultimate follow-up tool that you will use to conquer this task.

  • Phone calls – almost impossible to call all prospects in database every day, week, or month. You simply burn out.
  • Email drips – this used to work fairly well, but home buyers and home sellers are getting drip campaigns sent to them every day by multiple agents in today’s market.
  • Postal mail – You know how much junk mail you get, don’t you?
  • In person visits(popping by their home or meeting at a coffee shop) – it amazes me that coaches actually train on this. How impossible is it to do this with just 10 contacts?

And most of today’s buyers and sellers really don’t want to be your close buddy – they want the agent to help them buy or sell a home.

Now we’re not suggesting you stop with any of the automated techniques you are currently using. Rather we’re suggesting an add-on system that is a set-it and forget-it online billboard that says “Remember me!…I am the nice Realtor who won’t pressure you (and you’ll remember me when you’re ready to buy or sell)”