How to Retarget to Past Real Estate Clients and Current Leads

This is how you’ll do it. You follow up with your past clients by retargeting your current database. How?

Most of you keep a list of past clients in a CRM database or in your email contact list. And most CRM’s have a feature to download that list of past clients into an Excel spreadsheet or csv format. That’s all you need.

The second part is the collection of present prospects. These are leads that come in from websites, landing pages, your company, of people who are looking for homes online and haven’t bought yet. Plus it can include home sellers,  or future home sellers, too because home sellers are indeed skimming the web for their next home months before putting their current home on the market to sell.

Your goal is to keep you as the top of mind real estate agent so when they are ready to speak further they become a client and you get a new listing! It’s because you are everywhere online ready, willing, and able to help home buyers and home sellers contact you… the top-of-mind agent.