Local Marketing Power Tools

Power Tool #1: LocalVox

LocalVox is a local and social media platform that helps you market your business online. With LocalVox you can promote your local business across a network of publishers, social media, mobile, search engine and on your website – and all these are as easy as using your email account.

LocalVox saves you time with a single partner and provides solutions for local internet marketing. It drives better results for your local business with an all in one marketing platform. LocalVox saves you money with pricing that you can afford.

There are so many online marketing channels, so it becomes very hard to keep your business on top. LocalVox puts your business in front of your target audience everywhere online.


Power Tool #2: Sweetiq

If your customers don’t find you when they search, you might as well not exist, so Sweetiq is an all-in-one location based online marketing platform for local businesses, brands, and franchises.

A Local and organic keyword tracker finds out the keywords that you can use to compete in local search. You can track your customers’ activities on twitter and check-in on foursquare.

Sweetiq provides local competitor analysis for your business that monitors your local and organic keyword rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo. It also tells you the online directories, social media profiles, blogs and websites that would help you to improve your local business rankings.

Local business listing management from Sweetiq discovers where your business is listed online, finds the gaps and gives you 100% local search coverage. It also identifies inaccuracies or inconsistencies and fixes them in a single click.

Sweetiq reviews, monitors, and listens where and what your customers are talking about your business and products.


Power Tool #3: MOZ Local

MOZ Local is designed for local businesses and businesses who manage multiple local businesses. With MOZ Local you can easily manage your online listing, all you need to do is upload your business information with a click and it notifies you if any issues arise.

You can establish a consistent business listing in directories and popular websites with MOZ Local. MOZ Local emails you reminders to update your listings and re-verify your local business listings information to establish correct and consistent listings.

The Category Research tool of MOZ Local helps you choose the right search engine categories for your local business. It also provides transparent reports of your listings and it is the only self-service location data management software that lists your local business with all five major U.S. data aggregators.


Power Tool #4: AllLocal

AllLocal was launched in 2008 to target individual needs of local markets. You need a unique approach to generate local traffic for your multi-location local business with a strong online reputation.

This problem is resolved by AllLocal. The AllLocal online platform decreases the required time to manage your business’ local search presence.

It handles all the factors of local search like address validation, listing optimization, and google listings; it also tracks online reviews about your local business. It offers a customized location navigator, powerful bulk edit functionality and performance reporting.

AllLocal also provides online reports and the monitoring status of your listings that will help you to determine the ROI that your local search listing will generate.


Power Tool #5: Balihoo

Balihoo is the premier provider of local marketing automation with a cloud based platform that gets result for local markets. Balihoo is an automated marketing software for personalized local campaigns.

Balihoo drives relevant leads at local level and make sure that your local audience can find your product and services according to categories. Balihoo website templates are designed to drive local traffic.

It also helps national brands to get leads with online forms, focused call-to-action message and trackable local calls at local level. Your mobile websites are also optimized for search results and conversion because of built-in adaptive design with Balihoo.

Balihoo gives you easy to use templates, so just by adding your information you are all set with a great local marketing weapon in your hands. You will get real time analytics by individual location if you are running a multi-location based local marketing campaign.


Power Tool #6: SproutLoud

You want to generate your brand awareness and drive sales to your local business form your local market, so SproutLoud is here to help you with customized local online marketing.

SproutLoud uses Local Search, Local PPC, Triggered Communications, Email Marketing, Direct Mail, Social Media, Mobile Sites, Review Monitoring and local media buying services to market your business locally.

Email marketing send brand-approved emails to your targeted audience that will convert your audience into customers.

It generates brand-approved paid search and ad campaigns with your business information; your audiences will find you online and make their purchase immediately.

Social media will help to increase and build your fan base which will drive more people to your business.


Power Tool #7: SignPost

SignPost will feature your local business on every website and mobile application, including google, Facebook, yahoo, yelp and many more.

SignPost is the simplest and most effective way to get found by your local customers. It will automatically update information on directories and social media sites to make you stand out from the crowd.

SignPost automatically advertises your local business to your new customers and targeted audiences. It will turn your local online advertising into real revenue by promoting your special deals.

You can engage your customer with Social media channels and email marketing. You can also remarket to your old and potential customers to get them back.


Power Tool #8: RioSEO

You are a local marketer or have multi-location businesses and want software to optimize your local search, website. You can go for RioSEO tools for SEO automation, Content marketing, Local search, reporting and competitive analysis.

Local search business listing management increases accuracy of your local business listings and organic local search presence.

You can easily manage conversions tools and data with Local SEO optimized landing pages which maximizes the user experience and provides you with the detailed analytics report according to location.

You can target your local market with Local SEO; it will find your search engine presence in Organic Search and Local Map Listings. You can optimize your local business listings for consistency on Google+ Local, Yahoo Local and Bing Places.


Power Tool #9: Kenshoo

Kenshoo local is an extendable platform to manage local marketing campaigns for individual stores, dealers, agencies and other local business. Kenshoo Local’s tailored functionality will allow you to successfully manage your local search, places and directories listings.

It’s on-boarding & campaign management uses profile wizard, Campaign Template, Cross-Profile Advanced Search and Radius Geo-targeting that launches new local online marketing campaigns with an easy-to-follow guide, helping you to access saved templates keywords and ad copy for advertising in local markets and target your local audience within a specified distance.

Kenshoo local manages your bids and goals with tools that are designed to optimize and scale. It automatically rolls over your unused budget with pre-set rules and an optimized search program to drive more leads to meet your business needs.


Power Tool #10: ElementsLocal

You are running a multi-unit company or franchise and want to promote it locally; ElementsLocal will help you deliver the power of your brand to your local customers.

ElementsLocal generates more leads, broadcasts your brand awareness, and enhances the presence of your online marketing. It includes consistent monitoring and tweaking to establish satisfactory results.

It uses Email marketing, social media Marketing and Local Search to empower your business strategy.

ElementsLocal automatically submits your franchise locations to search engines and directories and allows franchisees to update certain content. It also shows mobile friendly websites to customers who are using mobile devices.