Making Money By Renting Annotation Space

Another easy way to earn money on YouTube is by renting annotation space on your videos to promote videos from other creators, to promote other channels, and to promote third-party websites.

What Is Annotation Space?

Annotation space is promotional real estate on your video screens. It is called “Annotation Space” because annotations were used to promote other people’s URLs masked under an account’s verified URL.

But because annotations were discontinued, it now refers either to end screens that link to other people’s videos or channels, or to cards that link to other people’s videos, playlists, channels, or external URLs.

Renting Out Annotation Space With Cards

We already showed you how to easily set up end screens to promote a video that links to an external URL through the video description, and now we are going to teach you how to use cards to promote other people’s videos, channels, or URLs.

Now, to find other creators interested in using your videos to promote their content, you have to add calls to action and a business URL in your videos and your channel description to let others know that you are willing to rent annotation space on your videos for a fee. You can also post the offer on sites such as

Adding Cards To Your Videos

Once a creator selects one of your videos or series of videos to promote their own videos or channel, and once they have provided you with their video or channel URLs, you will be ready to add the cards to the annotation space.

Start by going to your creator studio from anywhere on YouTube. Click on the channel icon on the top-right corner, and then on the “creator studio” option. Now click on the “video manager” tab to go to the “videos” page.

Now click on the drop-down menu button corresponding to the video that your client selected and then click on the “cards” option. Now use the playtime lever to select the moment at which the card will appear.

Now click on the “add card” menu button. You’ll notice that you can add cards to promote a “video or playlist”, a “channel”, a “donation” card to promote non-profit organizations, a “poll” card to collect information from your viewers, which some companies might be interested to rent, and a “link” card to promote others’ merchandising sites and crowdfunding pages.

In our example, we are going to promote someone else’s channel. So we’re going to click on the “create” button corresponding to the “channel” card option. Now we’re going to add the channel URL provided by our client in the “channel username or URL” field.

Then we’re going to add our client’s channel message in the “custom message” field and a teaser text for the channel in the “teaser text” field. Then we’re going to click on “create card”. And that’ll be it! You’ll be able to make some good money on the site by leveraging evergreen content on your channels to rent annotation space!