Posting Engaging Content On The Business Page

This is the first step before promoting any post. First, there must be a post to promote Now that you have your business page set up, go ahead and make a post.

  • 1. You can just Google “2020 Real Estate Market Trends” or look on any real estate blog site like The key is to find
    something that will engage your list directly. Like this one here.

  • 2. If the article will directly affect the folks on your list – use it! Copy and paste the URL from the browser of the blog into the post section of your Facebook business page.

  • 3. In 2017 Facebook did away with the ability for users to edit the title of a blog post share…. Kind of. There are ways around this,
    but the easiest way is just to take that same URL you just posted and highlight it and then delete it. You will see the blog share content is still there. (You have not “published” yet)

  • 4. Now add a comment that will draw attention to your past clients. Something like “Thinking of buying a new home? Check out this article on Trulia.” Then just click “Publish”

Keep your name and “real estate” in it. For example “Chris Fraser – Your Toronto Real Estate Agent”.