Retargeting Your Past Real Estate Clients

Here we will be retargeting your database of past clients and Sphere of Influence. You’ll find that retargeting your established list will result in the best bang for the buck in most cases Now that you have the blog post share ready take an Excel/CSV formatted list of your past clients and SOI list. Once you have the list, go ahead and follow these steps.

1.  Go to your business manager here.  Then go to “Business Settings”.


2. This is where you can manage your pages and ad accounts. Click on “Ad Accounts” and then click on the account for your Ads Manager.

3. Now you are in your ad manager. Go ahead ahead and click the green            “Create” button. Then select “Create Complete Campaigns”.

4. Next you will choose what your objective is for yourself. Since this is not a lead gen campaign, select “Reach” then name your campaign and click continue. We choose “Reach” because this will enable us to control the frequency your clients will see the ads.

5. Next, you will be creating the ad content and uploading your database of past clients and SOI. Click on “create new”(under customer audience). Then choose “Customer Audience”.(if you have already uploaded your list – just click “Used Saved Audience” and skip step.

6. Then choose “Customer File” and “Add customers from your own file” to          upload your client’s list.

7. Next, go to “placements” and choose “edit placements”. Go ahead and make sure the only categories selected are : Feeds, Instant Articles, and Native, Banner and Interstitial.

8. Next you will want to set a frequency cap on how often your list will see the ad. Typically we recommend setting a stop day for this, but since this is an extremely warm list, you would not put a stop date. Instead set a cap to how frequent the list gets served ads. For following up with your SOI or past clients, we recommend 1 ad serving every 7-10 days. Go ahead and make that adjustment and leave everything else the same. See the example below.

Even though the list is highly receptive to the ads, this will ensure top-of-mind exposure for you while not over doing it. Go ahead and press “continue” at the bottom of the page.

9. Make sure the correct business page displays.

10.  In the next section, make sure to choose “Use Existing Post”. Then choose the post you just set up.

11. Now just scroll to the bottom right and click “Publish” and you are done!

Now this is just one strategy that can be adjusted. But remember, the goal here is to stay top of mind – No sales pitches or I’m #1..

We recommend the 2 – 1 approach: Post two engaging blog articles, then post a landing page of a listing that you are trying to sell. Next we’ll look at leveraging your existing database to reach more prospects!!

Each ad post will be spaced out in 7 day lengths with 3 days in between of no ads.