Sending Email And SMS Message At The Same Time

At this point, you’ve done all the “hard” work. Now it’s time to easily integrate SMS marketing into your email marketing.


1. Open up your Gmail composer. Enter the prospect’s email. Then look to the bottom left section of this window and find the mobile phone icon. Click on that Icon and another window will pop up.

2. Enter the prospect’s phone number and click “Add phone numbers”.

3. Enter your subject & message and press “Send”.


Use email templates and watch your opens, responses, and engagement rates go up. Like anything else, this is a numbers game. You will have to be consistent and persistent. You will have to choose a daily schedule and stick to it whether it is 3, 4 or 5 days a week. But with consistency, you will begin to see favorable results… maybe even faster than you expected! So get started following up with new leads, your database and sphere of influence – with SMS & emails!


Start today!