Setting Up A Lookalike Audience Campaign

1. Within your Ad Manager account go to the campaigns tab and “Create Ad”.

2. You’re goal is to create more targeted traffic to your website. So next choose “Traffic” as your marketing objective. Then scroll down, name you campaign, then click “Continue”.

3. Next you will want to name your Ad-Set then choose your custom audience by clicking “create new”, then “Lookalike Audience”.

4. Now just upload your current client and website visitor list, by choosing “Create new” then “Custom Audience”.

5. Follow this by choosing “Customer File”. Before uploading your list choose “Add customers from your own file”.

6. Now you can upload the file by clicking “Upload File”. You will then see a preview of your data. Make sure each contact has the correct format. If you are getting errors, search Facebook FAQ for the answer. Then press “Upload and Create”.


7. Once you have successfully uploaded the file you will see a confirmation like below. Now it’s time to create the settings you want to apply when creating your lookalike audience for this specific list. Choose “Create a lookalike audience”

8. Now you will choose you audience size. You will do this a basis of top percentage of similarities. Choose the most similar audience by selecting the top 1% as seen below. (remember, the more targeted – the better the conversions which will results in a lower ad cost.) Then choose “Create Audience”.

9. Now it’s time to narrow it down even more to a specific area. Go ahead and choose your city and use a mile radius of 5 miles.

10. Next you will want to leave most of the setting alone because Facebook will use the list as a guide to target similar audiences. Scroll down to Budget & Schedule and change the daily limit to $5-$10 a day. Then click “Continue” at the bottom.