Shocking Case Studies


“Society6” is a community-driven ecommerce store where artists from all over the world can sell their creations as art prints, apparel, and more.

Objective: This unique online retailer needed to find a way to market its broad product offer to an equally broad audience.

Strategy: Society6 decided to launch a YouTube marketing campaign focused on a single segment of its audience, so they worked with several lifestyle influencers whose main audience were college-going millennial women.

Results: Society6 was able to achieve 1 million views in a very short time, as well as a 5.68% increase in engagement rate!

Wassabi Productions And Google

“Wassabi Productions” is a video blogging channel on YouTube owned by famous YouTuber Alex Burris, where he creates lifestyle focused videos, reaction videos, prank videos, and video blogs.

Objective: Google, knowing Alex has a large following, approached him for a partnership to promote the company’s new product, the “Home Mini” smart speaker.

Strategy: Google and Alex created a single sponsored product reveal video for YouTube, where he decorates his apartment for Christmas with the help of the “Home Mini” speaker.

Results: To this date, Alex’s video has generated over 350,000 views, more than 22,000 likes, and more than 1,200 comments, for an engagement rate of 6.6%!

Zoella And HP

“Zoella” is the name of the channel run by Zoe Sugg, a fashion video blogger from England.

Objective: Zoella was approached by HP, the famed printer manufacturer, to promote its new portable photo printer called “Sprocket”.

Strategy: Zoe created a sponsored YouTube video where she expertly incorporated brand integration into her conversational style with a holiday themed “do-it-yourself” tutorial.

Results: Zoe’s video generated more than 1.2 million views, over 76,000 likes, and more than 400 comments, for an engagement rate of 6%!

Unbox Therapy And Samsung

“Unbox Therapy” is a tech-focused channel with more than 9 million subscribers where Lewis Hilsenteger unboxes and reviews tech products.

Objective: Lewis was approached by giant tech manufacturer Samsung, who wanted him to unbox and review the company’s newest gaming computer monitor.

Strategy: Lewis’ strategy was to hook his viewers by teasing the monitor’s large size before unboxing it, and then by highlighting specific features at the end of the video.

Results: Lewis’ video generated 3.6 million views, 130,000 likes, and more than 20,000 comments!

Tyler Oakley And Skype

Tyler Oakley is one of YouTube’s most famous stars, who is mostly known for his challenge videos and collaborations with other YouTubers.

Objective: Tyler was approached by Skype, the popular communication app, for a sponsorship deal. Skype’s marketing objective was to promote its mobile app.

Strategy: Tyler created a video titled “Gossiping with YouTube friends”, where he set up a group chat session on Skype with fellow YouTubers and content creators. His strategy was to use this group session to highlight Skype’s mobile app reliability without having to discuss its features.

Results: Both Skype and Tyler were able to achieve their marketing goals: the video generated 1.1 million views, 36,000 likes, and more than 2,500 comments, for an engagement rate of 3.4%!

Smosh and Xfinity

“Smosh” is a comedy-focused YouTube channel with more than 22 million subscribers that posts weekly comedy sketches, music videos, and reaction videos.

Objective: The channel was approached by Xfinity, Comcast’s service marketing arm, to increase its brand awareness.

Strategy: Smosh created a video titled “EVERY GRANDPARENT EVER” to parody older generations using modern-day technologies. The Xfinity brand was used during the intro voiceover and on the video description.

Results: the video was an instant sensation, generating 1.1 million views and an engagement rate of 3.4%, boosting Xfinity’s brand recall in the process!


“Audible” is an audio entertainment producer that sells and distributes digital audiobooks, digital versions of radio and TV programs, and digital audio editions of newspapers and magazines.

Objective: Audible’s objective was to reach a larger, younger, and technologically-minded audience.

Strategy: Understanding that YouTube celebrities have a wide reach and influence over the millennial demographics, the company decided to run a YouTube influencer campaign involving stars such as PewDiePie, Roman Atwood, and Grace Helbig.

Results: The campaign’s results were staggering, generating over 83 million views, increased brand recall and more business among its target demographic!

Tuft & Needle

“Tuft and Needle” is a mattress manufacturer and online retailer from the United States.

Objective: The company’s objective was to change the way the mattress retail industry is perceived by most customers.

Strategy: The team behind the “Tuft and Needle” decided that video marketing was the best way to show the difference between their sales approach and the traditional one, and they promoted their videos on YouTube to reach people searching with keywords such as “best mattress”.

Results: While the team initially spent no more than $50 to $100 on YouTube ads, now more than half their advertising budget goes towards the platform!


“GoPro” is an American tech company that specializes in action cameras, video recording apps, and video editing software.

Objective: The company’s objective was to reach a larger audience outside of its niche, to help its products become more mainstream.

Strategy: The brand decided to tell its fan base to upload their own “GoPro” videos to YouTube and to use the brand’s name in the titles.

Results: GoPro’s clever YouTube marketing strategy helped its channel grow to 1.8 million subscribers, attracted more than 450 million, and more importantly, increased its revenue by 200%!


“Blendtec” is a company that sells professional and home blenders, and it is one of the best examples of a business running a successful YouTube marketing campaign.

Objective: Tom Dickson, Blendtec’s founder, wanted to make its products more popular in an already saturated niche.

Strategy: Tom went with a very simple strategy. He simply used his company’s blenders to blend any type of everyday product, such as marbles and iPhones. That way, he could use his products for demonstration while making them different and entertaining.

Results: The channel attracted more than 280 million views after launching that campaign, and sales increased by 700%!