Shocking Internet Marketing Case Studies

Internet Marketing helps businesses and online marketers to achieve their desired result. Here are some case studies that show you how the companies and marketers achieve huge success with internet marketing.

Mitsubishi Motors is a multinational automotive manufacturer and known for building inventive and highly efficient cars. Mitsubishi was finding it difficult to grab the attention of young customers, so it got help from Icrossing Agency to refine their online reputation.

To build a world-class online experience, the company started redesigning from the ground level. Iagnecy gave them a bold and responsive look, so that it worked great with computers, smartphones and tablets.  Iagency optimized the website performance across all the phases.

The company made use of “build and price tool” for new and existing customers to configure their dream Mitsubishi and also to provide an opportunity for the brand to engage with its customers on social media.

Mitsubishi has surpassed its ranking by 12 positions, saw a record boost of 57% in sales and a 6% average increase in the rest of the industry.

L-com Global Connectivity, is a pioneer manufacturer of wireless and wired connectivity products. The company’s products include copper and fiber cables, wireless amplifiers and antenna, coaxial cable, and computer networking applications.

Even after spending a considerable amount on advertising, L-com was unable to get expected results. In simpler terms, when they invested $1 on advertisement, they were only getting a single dollar in revenue.

L-com got help from Ko-marketing Associates for their marketing strategies. They used product centric keyword strategies, remarketing, minimized the steps for checkout process, and displayed network audits for automatic placement which saved 80% of their display budget.

L-com saw a considerable improvement and their return of investment climbed from 300% to 500%.

Lynton Web Solutions is a full service marketing and technology company based in Houston. The objective of the company was to build collaborative relationships with their clients to deliver the best ROI.

The Lynton Web Team became educated about HubSpot software and inbound marketing methodology to target their customers, and how to create long–lasting relationships with their clients.

The company traffic was increased by 407%, blog reach was expanded by 537% and leads grew 1033% after completing the 2 years with HubSpot.

Daniel Lynton, CEO of Lynton Web Solutions said, “I would say our most qualified leads come from the service marketplace. Since they’re already a HubSpot customer, they’re an educated customer, so our common ground provides this level of trust to immediately dive into deeper discussions.”

Zooma is an online marketing and communication service agency based in Sweden. The goal of Zooma was to know their return of investment, to find out if they were growing their leads database and wanted to modernize the Zooma brand to develop their working techniques.

The company became a partner of HubSpot and it helped to measure Zomma’s marketing efforts in a structured way. HubSpot also assisted them with marketing tools to manage inconvenient approaches of online marketing.

As a result, Zooma saw a boost in passion and request for inbound marketing, the number of deployed HubSpot portals were increased by over 1300% and there was an increase of 1628% in HubSpot monthly recurring revenue.

John Moore is a trusted and Houston based complete home service provider. The tagline “Call John & Get Moore!” is both a motivated and valued proposition. The company wanted to initiate a powerful online presence so it hooked up with Lynton Web Services.

Lynton Web Service modernized the company’s website and used Landing Pages, Advance content, Email campaigns, Social media campaigns, PPC campaigns and other strategies to focus on lead capturing and to help John Moore’s customers.

It enabled John Moore to provide increased service levels on the basis of a customer’s feedback. Lynton used “Attract, Convert, Close and Delight” methodology and achieved great outcome. Social media visits increased by 460%, website visits improved 214% and achieved a 600% Return on Investment.

Velaro is a software company that assists big and small companies with live help which includes click to chat, click to call and co-browsing software. The company was looking for the right audience to attract and unsatisfied with the current look and functionality of their website.

The company collaborated with the WebMechanix team to market their services online. They used Ad Planner and social media monitoring tools, optimized for conversions, content marketing, SEO, PPC campaign and others to achieve Velaro’s desired results.

Velaro’s website became an “easy-to-convert” website with amazing results, Cost per lead was decreased by 77%, and their live chat engagement conversion was increased by 35%. Advertising with paid media achieved a 0.5% click through rate on the placements and an average of 25% of those clicks turned into leads.

HP is a leader in large format, commercial and industrial printers and presses. HP has more than 25 years of experience in the industry’s widest product range.

The company wanted to increase traffic towards HP’s Graphic Arts portal website.

HP Graphic Arts networked with Ko-marketing Associates to promote its website. They utilized link building to acquire high-value links to the site, Google Webmaster Tools to observe Google’s crawl of the website, URL structure and ongoing recommendations to enhance website optimization and boost growth of Website traffic.

In 12-months, search engine traffic was increased by 300%, search referral grew from 6.3% to 16.5% and search engine imprint expanded from 190,000 pages indexed to 512,000 pages.

NetFlights is a pioneer internet based Travel Company that provides services for flights, hotels, holidays and car for hire. The goal of NetFlights was to maximize the return on investment, their search results and social activities to increase their traffic.

The company collaborated with Ambergreen to address these issues, they utilized paid and organic search media such as a PPC campaign for cross channel insights and a search engine marketing campaign. They also worked on brand awareness, customer engagement and conversions to get to the desired result.

The outcome was amazing.  There was a 49X YOY increase in traffic, 90% of family traffic was from new visits and online family bookings increased 47% YOY. The campaign achieved the page 1 position within 3 months.

Sinclair HVAC and Plumbing is a family owned and operated company that has been serving their community since 1979.

Earlier, they used to spend $5-7k per month on yell ow page advertising alone. Using this strategy they maintained a steady business.

So, Daniel Sinclair decided to update the marketing mentality plus the strategy of the company

It generated revenue of $50k from 1 CTA. The conversion rate on top performing landing pages was 25%. The web traffic increased 4X over. Starting with HubSpot, daily visits to Sinclair’s website increased 400%.

It went from having no social media reach three years ago, to a current reach of 1,678 with an average monthly growth rate of 2.7%.

Bell Performance is a producer of fuel additives and treatments for consumers and businesses.

Since they did not have a website, they were not able to get their leads online.

They got help from HubSpot and developed a good marketing plan.

Bell needed a digital strategy that would increase their brand awareness and customers, too.

By searching SEO tools like keywords, Erik came to know more about his targeted customers. As a result, 600 new online customers were gained in the 1st year. Customers increased 80% in the 2nd year and leads per month were increased by 14x in 2 years.


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