Shocking Video Marketing Case Studies

Here are some case studies that use video marketing as their tool to increase their conversion. These stories will inspire you to think more creatively and you can also do video marketing with local businesses.


Zagg is an Innovator of scratch-protection and accessories for portable devices like device protection solutions, including shields, skins, cases and many more. Zagg engages and educates its customers using the power and flexibility of video.

Drew Conrad, internet marketing specialist for Zagg said, “There’s really no other way we can get such personally meaningful video content in front of so many eyes. YouTube video ads have boosted our search traffic, and we’re enjoying the largest surge in sales that we’ve ever seen”.

They want to drive traffic with videos and ads, attract new customers, and educate their viewers how the invisible shield works. They got 13 million views on their branded YouTube channel for a specific product. And targeted video increased their conversion rate by 75%.

Undercover Tourist

This is a Disney Park in the US. The problem with the park was issuing genuine park tickets in a safe and timely manner, eliminating the frustration of standing in lines to redeem a voucher at the gate. They wanted to improve the quantity of qualified sales leads.

Ian Ford, CEO for Undercover Tourist said, “Our formula on YouTube video is simple and effective. We shoot authentic, point-of-view, un-slick content with a steady hand and slow pans. We engage people with the experience itself rather than overwhelm them with a corporate voice.”

They uploaded authentic, short, POV videos to educate visitors. They got 10 million views with an increase of 3-5% in click through.


BerkleeMusic is the award-winning online school of Berklee College of Music. It has the largest collection of forward-thinking online courses for music production and performance.

They want to increase their music exposure to world-class courses in music and boost enrollment in their online school. To reach their goal they consistently improve video production levels, and build synergistic marketing strategy by combining various channels.

The result of this music school was incredible. Raymond says, “Our branded YouTube channel has 300 videos, reaches more than 33,500 subscribers, and has garnered 16.7 million video views”. It became the 5th most viewed educational channel on YouTube.

Milan Kovacev, director of interactive marketing for BerkleeMusic says, “We have created several 15-second video ads for our latest YouTube video advertising campaign. Using great demographic and marketing tools available in AdWords on our recruitment and marketing goals”.

Front Point Security

This is a home security company which provides wireless alarm sensors, DIY security and a unique cellular link providing unmatched protection.

This security company is facing the problem of how to explain their user friendly security systems benefits. So they went to YouTube and created a 2 minute video with their product demonstration. These videos work very well and their sales increased by 250% – and they also generate Thousands of views.


Global Fire Production

Global Fire Production is a UK based production company which works with a number of global brands and organizations. This company uses Vimeo as a tool to connect with their clients.

They tell about their products and services with Vimeo video and also create Vimeo video for their client’s services. To give a professional look they created different videos for Vimeo, according to the clients demand.

They use video for clients’ success stories as a strong, emotive way to take current customers and pair them up with their future ones for a bond that communicates, “You can trust us. We love this product and we’re real people.”

Sony – Xperia play

Sony wants to create buzz on the web and also establish a gaming world with the Xperia Play Smartphone. The brand planned a viral campaign to reach targeted people between 25-35 years old.

Dailymotion planned a global event to make it viral. It used Buzzing videos, released editorials, displayed in-stream ads to announce to and interact with their customers. The sharable features were also useful in this campaign.

As a result they got 7 million views on Dailymotion, more than 13k likes on Facebook and more than 200 tweets. This campaign was also spread on blogs.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is a Japanese fashion designer, and he is known for his technology-driven clothing designs, exhibitions, watches, and fragrances. Issey Miyake used DailyMotion video marketing to provide a purely emotional experience to target young women.

Issey Miyake perfume brand “L’Eau d’Issey” wanted to create an emotional experience for their targeted women. The result was they got 300 k video views on the official page. The targeted audience is immersed in the brand atmosphere with emotional interactivity and displays on the website and via mobile.


Sara Lee Corporation

The Sara Lee Corporation is an American consumer-goods Company based in Downers Grove, Illinois. It’s also an iconic food brand. It launched its first big social media campaign and created three mom-centric viral videos to push their marketing strategy.

The challenges were in finding the right way to be viewed and getting the clip to the right audience. No one can just predict what video will go viral.

Robert Davis, leader of the online video practice at Ogilvy said, “Metacafe has been out-performing other shared video sites when it comes to search shelf space, which made us sit up and take notice”.

“We broke through the million-view mark in a matter of weeks. As much as we like to profess we understand this business, and we do, it’s really fun when a marketer comes across new assets that might not be so predictable.”

Metacafe built a channel for this corporation including one video of the trio mom confessional videos. They got more than 800 k views and their revenue was up 50% with Metacafe from the last year.

Welch Foods Inc. (Welch’s)

Welch’s is the food processing and marketing arm of the National Grape Cooperative Association.

To increase their brand awareness and product promotion in the UK market, they used video marketing with YouTube, Vimeo and others channels to increase their brand reputation.

They also targeted their TV viewers with a Healthy Heart Week Sponsorship Video campaign on GMTV. They connected images and sounds of the heart with glasses of the product, in video. They also include their product information and benefits in video. Video marketing increased their sales by 75% in the first year and 35% in the next year.

Charles Smith

Since Charles who is from Atlanta, Georgia; started marketing his pottery business using videos, he does not need to travel in to town to get orders for his arts, galleries and fairs.

When he transitioned to video marketing, through his videos he found new buyers from all around the world. This saved him time and money which he was spending in travelling. He includes in his video, how to create art and galleries. He is blowing people away. Viewers are amazed to watch his art.