So Mobile performs best.

And since Google can match the user’s interests and wants the audience is way more receptive to the ads. Plus in addition to serving your real estate ads on the Discover feed, your message will also show in TWO OTHER KEY AREAS. This first is YouTube!

And since YouTube has over 2 Billion active users right behind Google … “why wouldn’t a marketer use it?” And where are home buyers and home sellers hanging out? Real Estate on YouTube has grown to mass proportions. You’ve probably already watched some yourself! And Bonus…

You no longer need to create a video to advertise on YouTube anymore with Google Discovery campaigns!

Now, all of you who avoid video marketing can have your cake and eat it too!

Last but not least…

Your Real Estate will also show up in Gmail. Awesome!

The “Gmail Ad” at the top of the unread emails will be a part of your Discovery Campaign.