So what does Google Discover Do?

In just a few years, the yearly user count has grown to almost a BILLION and there’s no stopping in sight.

So what does this mean in terms of real estate?

Do you remember pay-per-click ads when they first came out in the late ’90s?

Clicks were cheap, lead-gen was easy, and competition was low – especially for real estate agents’ who were using PPC.

And for years, agents have been looking for something better than the boring and worn-out home value landing pages, and home search ads that have saturated every local real estate market.

So how are you going to do this? With Google Discover Campaigns

Don’t confuse these for Discovery Ads on Youtube – This Is Totally Different

By taking advantage of what Facebook has already conditioned your audience to see, you can place an IMAGE AD resembling a Facebook post ‘look’… front and center to a mass audience that is super-concentrated.

Google’s artificial intelligence works so only the most fitting demographic of people will see your message.

The readers not only are clicking, swiping, saving the articles, posts, and even advertisements they are often ready to ACT NOW on your real estate offers.

And did you notice in the image how much the ad resembles a news post and how much more congruent it looks compared to a Facebook newsfeed ad?

You may be asking, “Why just mobile?…

93% of homebuyers and home sellers online and 73% use a mobile app or mobile website.