The Achilles Heel for Real Estate Agents – Follow Up

When asked in a national survey over 83% of homeowners said they would use the same agent that helped them buy the home. This is a stat the real estate industry should gloat over, right?

But they don’t… and why not? Further research reveals that although over 83% said they would use the same agent the next time they wanted to purchase a home or sell a home, only 19% actually DID.

What Does This Means For You as a Savvy Real Estate Agent?

This strategy is not another real estate lead gen strategy to add to the overhyped methods filling your newsfeeds. But it IS a way to fill in a critical gap the majority of agents unknowingly have. And the filling of this gap can give you completely different and better results. A common characteristic of most agents’ mindsets are “I Need To Make A Sale Now!”

Get leads NOW, write offers NOW, Get listings NOW!

And most agents whether, veteran real estate agents or newbies alike all want to make a sale NOW as a primary goal rather than build a long term business and long term relationships as their primary goal. But is it really your fault? You are being bombarded by ads that boast “get high quality leads that close this month!” Even real estate “coaches” are training you to find out if prospects who are buying or selling in the next 30-60 days!

Any prospect out of this 30 to 60 day window… “you need to kick to the curb! “

The problem? First, you spend lots of time and money on lead generation which may or may not create the leads you want. If you cannot create the buy now/sell now leads, you’ve wasted time… and money trying to find these leads.

Now whether you can create leads with traditional or online methods, both are very costly. The truth is some of your competing agents CAN create decent leads. The other problem is a free-for-all to make that new lead buy now or sell now.

And when they don’t …….

This is what makes the lead seem like junk and the person, feels this too! Now, some are junk, but we are talking about legitimate leads that are self-generated. They could be good to great leads but somehow you think they are… well… junk! Why is this? Are the leads (and remember they are people-not just “leads”) really crappy leads? Maybe, however a large portion of those “junk” leads will eventually end up buying or selling a home from… someone… Why does this happen?