The Hottest Ways To Use Video for Marketing

Website Traffic

With the help of a video you can direct people to any website you want. You can direct traffic to your domain name and to any part of your website.

You can even place a list of useful URLs where people can get the information you are advertising with your video.

Affiliate Marketing

Internet marketers use videos to direct people straight to affiliate offers by using a personalized affiliate URL, so they can make commissions for any sale generated.

Something commonly used is a URL shortener like and to make their ugly and strange affiliate URL friendlier to users.

CPA Marketing

Same as with affiliate offers, Internet marketers use videos to direct people straight to CPA offers by using a personalized affiliate URL, so they can make commissions for any action taken.

Actions could be like submitting a zip code, submitting an email, taking a free trial, etc.

Lead Generation

Videos are an awesome way to build a subscribers list. Sending people to a landing page, or to what is known as a squeeze page where people can receive something they are interested in by submitting their email is the common way to do it. You can offer a free video, report, software, training, webinar, etc.


You can’t provide a personal training for every new employee or even customer that comes to your company, so video is the easiest and best way to achieve this. It saves your time and cost. You don’t have to pay again and again for the same training. People love to learn stuff live, they want to know how to use the product, there is no better way for this than video.


Webinars are one of the greatest ways to make big money on the web by selling high priced training courses. The presenter shows live how the product works, and then shows some proof of the benefits of the product.

Then after a live, real and proven demonstration it sells the product. The viewer is definitely sure it is going to work for him too.

Customer Service

Video also helps you to teach your employees “how to treat your customers”. You have to create a step by step video to make them understand customer’s problems. This will increase your employee’s work efficiency. You can even create Specialize Training Videos for common problems customers will find while using your product or services.


Maybe there are some very important updates on a specific part or on several sections of your business. You can just create a few videos about it instead of redoing the whole training.

Internet Marketing Experts launch the exact same product several times and call it Version 2 or Version 3, but what they do is update some videos and create new ones so the process perfectly fits to actual updates of the website or tools the product owner uses to offer his service.

Sales Pages

You can visit every single sales page on the web and I’m sure 9 out of 10 of them will have a video right on top of it. Videos grab the visitors’ attention quickly. People love to see videos, if the video is interesting enough they will watch it until the end.

When was the last time you read a sales page from start to finish? I never have done that myself. People hate to read on the web, because the web is so fast and so huge, they just want to jump from one page to another. People don’t read the internet, people navigate the internet.

Upsell Offers

Same as on Sale Pages, videos are commonly used on Upsell offers. If people don’t read Front End Offers they probably won’t read Upsell offers. The upsell offer is a lot shorter than the Front End offer because people are already in what is called a buying mood. They won’t need a lot of convincing in this part but they will need a video very well specified about what else you have for them to get faster and better results with your product or service.