The Real Estate Agent’s Online Billboard

How many real estate agent billboard signs do you see while driving around the city? Has anyone ever bought a house because they saw a Realtor on a billboard? Probably not, right? And you know how much those billboard signs cost! About $1000-$1200/mo. in tiny towns… About $3000-$5000 a month in small cities… and up to $12,000 in higher traffic metro areas!

So why do others pay for these if they really can’t track any closed business back to a billboard?

The idea is not for lead generation. It’s for top-of-mind marketing. It’s for name recognition.

Big brand names and big real estate teams do it all the time. The whole idea is for you, as a real estate agent, to expose yourself repeatedly to a chosen market in an effort to become a household name. Over the long haul, you will start to see business come in automatically.

Whether billboards, online banner ads, postcard mailing, or whatever… the goal is to become top-of-mind. Now what if you as a real estate agent could take this billboard and condense it to the size of business card and easily put it in front of home buyers and sellers every day at a fraction of the price without seeming pushy or creepy?

It’s called retargeting or remarketing. You’ve seen it. You are surfing the web, and that watch you forgot you looked at last week just magically appears in the sidebar of a totally non-related website! Just a coincidence? Is it a sign that you should buy? Is big brother watching over you?

It’s all done with what’s called a pixel. A small piece of code easily placed on your website that tracks visitors. This code allows you to “follow” the website visitor around the web and appear on participating website’s ad space. It’s a known fact, online buyers need multiple “touches” before they buy. Naturally, after repeated exposure, the buyer has a much higher chance of converting into a sale. Makes sense?

With real estate, it’s easy to understand how this online billboard method can translate into a follow-up machine. In addition, your real estate business fits like a glove! Moreover, since home buyers and home sellers are taking 6-8-10 months before being ready to speak with an agent it is even more important for you, the smart and savvy agent to add this marketing system to your online strategies. When your entire market is fighting to sell clients NOW you need to stay top of mind over the long term.

You know the buyer or seller isn’t ready now and nothing you say can change their mind to act any quicker. So use this to your advantage.

You now know, all you have to do is somehow stay in front of that prospect or past client to create a top-of-mind conditioning within that prospect’s sub-conscious. Then, when month 4, 6 or 8 rolls around and that home buyer or home seller is ready… whom do you think they will call?

You got it! They’re going to call you – the smart agent who used retargeting in the form of an online billboard!

This method even makes a newer agent appear to be advertising everywhere creating that “busy agent” image. What platform can do this? Facebook.