Traditional Lead Generation

Well the traditional methods of lead generation have run out of gas. Open houses, door-knocking, cold-calling, calling your sphere of influence (friends, family, and business acquaintances) … They’ve run their course.

So to get more leads what do you do? More of the same? And guess what?

Most trainers and coaches tell you to just make more calls, attend more open houses, knock on more doors, call your friends every 3-4 weeks for referrals… Well how’s that working out when ‘everyone’ is told to do the same?

And The Result

…is a lot of Realtors are only as good as the next internet lead or referral. And when the

lead-flow stops…

… the business stops.

So what I mean?

And even a top producing teams with a have to keep priming the lead pump.

Here’s how it works.

When the leads come in…The work has just started, 9 out of 10 internet leads are 6-8-12 months from being ready to sell or buy!

No the solo agent, and even mega teams have two jobs –  not just one job.

  1. Continue to incubate and follow up with the internet leads to stay top-of-mind…
  2. Work with the “now” leads who are ready to buy or sell.

Here’s the ultimate problem.

To stay top-of-mind these leads need follow-up calls, postcards, and emails for 6-8-12 months in hopes they call back.

Here’s the problem anything can happen in those 8-12 months and why? The chances of a home buyer or seller calling is minimal when you consider every other agent is using the same lead-gen methods to generate the very same leads!

In reality, each lead is being followed up by 5-10 agents at a time!…

Greatly reducing your chance of converting the sale. It’s a game, a “roll of the dice”,  hoping you’ll be at the right place at the right time.

That’s no way to run a business.