Using End-Of-Video Calls To Action To Send People To Your Store

YouTube can easily become one of the highest sources of traffic to your websites and online stores, and you won’t have to put too much effort into it because you’ll drive your viewers to your website or store organically from YouTube right before they finish watching your videos.

There are two ways to send people straight from your videos to your websites and online stores. The first method is by adding an “End Screen Link” to your videos, and the other is by adding an “End Screen Video” to your videos.

By Adding End Screen Links To Your Videos

Adding “End Screens” with direct links to your websites and online stores to your videos is the easiest method, but you’ll have to become a verified YouTube Partner through the YouTube Partner Program to be eligible to add direct link cards to your videos.

To add an “End Screen Link” to a video you’ll simply have to start by going to your “Creator Studio”. Click on the channel icon on the top-right corner from anywhere on YouTube and then click on the “creator studio” option.

Now click on the “video manager” tab on the left-hand menu to go to the “Videos” page. Now select one of your uploaded videos, make sure that it is longer than 25 seconds, click on the drop-down menu button and then click on “End Screens and Annotations” to go to the “End screens” page.

Once there click on the “Add Element” menu button and locate the “Link” option. If you’ve already become a verified YouTube Partner by getting 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched time hours, you’ll just have to click on the “Enable” button corresponding to the “Links” option. Then you’ll be able to add your online store URL to an “End Screen Link” at the end of your videos.

By Adding End-Screen Videos To Your Videos

Now, if you haven’t become a YouTube Partner yet, you’ll still be able to add direct links to your store with this strategy. You will just have to create and upload a brief store trailer video with your store’s URL in the description to your YouTube channel.

That way you’ll be able to add a card with your trailer at the end of your videos to encourage your viewers to visit your store through the link in the description. You just have to add an in-video call to action to instruct your trailer viewers to click on the link in the description to visit your store.

You can get started by uploading your store trailer first. Click on the camera icon button from anywhere on YouTube, then click on the “upload video” option, and then on “select files to upload”. Locate your store trailer video on your computer and double-click on it to upload it.

Now enter a title for your store trailer video. Your store trailer video title can be something simple. In our case, we’re simply going to use the name of our business website followed by the keyword “online store trailer”.

Now you have to add your online store’s URL in the description. This is the most important part, as this is the link that your trailer viewers will have to click after watching your video. Lastly, enter the high-traffic terms and niche keywords that you usually use as tags to optimize your videos in the “tags” field. Now click on the “publish” button to post your store trailer.

Now it is time to link one of your videos to your store trailer. Go back to your creator studio by clicking on the channel icon on the top-right and then by clicking on “creator studio”. Now select one of your videos, click on its corresponding drop-down menu button, and then click on the “end screens and annotation” option.

The last 5 to 20 seconds of video will be selected by default as the duration of your end-of-video call to action, so you’ll just have to click on the “add element” menu and then to click on the “create” button corresponding to the “video or playlist” option.

Next up check the “choose a video or playlist” option, select your store trailer from under the “uploads” tab, and then click on “create element. Your “end screen” call to action will be added to your video.

You can left-click and hold on the “video card” to drag it across the video screen to position it where you think it would fit best before finishing. Once you finish editing your end-of-video call to action you’ll just have to click on “save”.

You can turn on the “preview” option to see exactly what your new call to action will look like on your video. You can then click on the call to action to watch the video trailer.

As you can see with our example, our channel trailer includes an in-video call to action to encourage viewers to check the online store link below in the description. And that is it!