Using YouTube To Raise Money With PayPal.Me

One of the easiest ways to make money on YouTube once you have a sizeable audience is by asking for fan funding during Live Streams. It is easier than you might imagine, and you’ll only need a verified YouTube account to do Live Streams and a PayPal.Me link.

How Can You Get A PayPal.Me Link To Get Funded On YouTube?

Simply go to the URL in your browser, click on the “Create Your PayPal.Me Link” while logged in to your PayPal account and follow the on-screen instructions.

How Can You Share Your PayPal.Me Link During Live Streams?

To start a Live Stream, first you’ll have to click on the camera icon button on the top-right corner, and then to click on the “Go Live” option. Now configure your Live stream by adding your “encoding setup” to your encoding software and adding a title and a description to your live stream. Once you are ready to start streaming you’ll just have to start your encoder.

You will be able to share your PayPal.Me link with your audience on the live chat. To get funded, you’ll just have to call your viewers to action by asking them to help you grow your channel with a message on the live chat that includes the call to action and your PayPal.Me link. Chat participants will be able to make personalized donations just by clicking on your PayPal.Me link!

Additional Tips
  • Ask your viewers if they’d like to see something specific in your videos, like if they want you to review a specific product, or stream from a specific game, or to check a specific service. This will allow you to show your audience that you are not panhandling, but getting your channel funded to take it to the next level!
  • Add your PayPal.Me link to your video descriptions too. The more someone enjoys your content, the more he or she will be willing to fund your channel at any given time!