Video Marketing Do’s And Don’ts


  • Invite your audience: Mention a clear call to action in the video to deploy and engage your potential audience. You can create a campaign with a clear message to invite them.
  • Keep it short: There are so many other websites of competitors in your market that can grab your audience’s attention. Most people like to watch a video only about 1 and a half minutes in length. Short video forces you to simplify your message, it encourages engagement, reflects your business positively and increases your video quality.
  • Humanize your brand: When people interact with a real face in a video, it increases the trust factor and puts a brand to your face. Humanizing your brand is a big win for you. It will enable you to make great connections with your viewers.
  • Title is important: The Title is the first impression of your videos. Your video should have the relevant information which you mention in the title. Video titles also can pull traffic. Attractive and meaningful titles can grab viewer’s attention instantly. It will make your video easily found on search engines. Titles should describe your video, contain the keyword, and be short and sweet.
  • Optimize: You are going to upload your videos on multiple sites, so here you need to create a particular description and title for each video. You should have a goal before creating the video, include a call to action to follow up your leads, and add a lead capturing method with your videos.
  • Sharable: Make sure your video is engaging and compelling so that your audience will share this with their friends and family on social media and other channels, this will work as an extra edge for your business. It will give you more exposure.
  • Be creative: Be more creative with your videos. Think of new ideas to describe your product and services, which helps you get new customers. And you will get a better return on your investment. Your video should be different and unique from others.
  • Add video to your post: You can add video to your blog posts and social media posts to increase traffic to your video. You can link that video to your website to increase your conversion rates.
  • Analyze your performance: Tracking your video’s performance is an integral aspect of a video marketing campaign. See what viewers are saying about you, how many people like your videos, and what comments you get for your video. These things will tell you what you need to change or improve in your next videos.
  • Describe your videos: Don’t forget to describe each and every video; a rich description of your videos is a must to get more views. You can use hash tags and your website URL in your description. Hash tags in a description will help your viewers find your video on social platforms.



  • Don’t follow a set formula: Videos fail to engage audiences if you take a formulaic approach. You have to look and think differently for each video. You don’t know when a new magic trick will work for your brand.
  • Don’t forget to define purpose: Ask yourself why you need to create this video? This will help you define the purpose to your viewers. Defining purpose is a marketing strategy to promote products and services.
  • Don’t pitch: If you create a short video of around 1-2 minute with a sales pitch, then people will not be interested in watching your videos. They will go elsewhere.
  • Don’t forget to include a call to action: If you didn’t use a call to action throughout your entire video, it will harm you very badly. Include a call to action in your video to engage them.
  • Don’t create just one video: Creating one video is not enough. You can create many versions of it and you can check which one is working for you. Replace the old video with the new that is working for your targeted audience.
  • Don’t ignore sound quality: Video is much more than just visual content. Visual content can’t work alone. You have to add video and audio content to make it stronger. You can improve the quality of video by positioning the mic correctly and choosing the right music for your video.
  • Don’t include too many messages: If you have included too many messages in your videos, it will confuse your audience, and they won’t know what is useful for them. You need to have a strong message you want to tell your audience.
  • Don’t forget to use SEO: Just uploading your video online is not enough to get expected traffic. You can optimize your video with SEO. SEO will enhance your chances of being found in search engine rankings. You can use keywords in your title for better search results.
  • Don’t expect instant results: You upload your video on your online video channel and now you’re expecting more views instantly. Well, you should be patient. Market your video on other channels and social media. Your work and patience will eventually pay off for you.
  • Don’t try to focus on everyone: You should focus on your target market. Everyone has different interests, so don’t try to focus on everyone. If you are doing that, then you are taking a risk that NO ONE will want to view your video. Focus on your target market.