Video Marketing Power Tools

Video marketing is an awesome way to interact with your audience. You have to tell a story in video to define the benefits of your product and demonstrate the product’s effectiveness in order to build your audience’s trust in you, which is extremely important to increase your sales and revenue. Now to make it easier than ever, I am going to show you some really awesome tools

Viewbix: Viewbix is a video marketing tool, which helps you drive more sales and leads. Viewbix also allows you to add interactive apps like contact details, email forms and other apps.

You can brand your video, add email forms to your video and add clickable links in video. You can also add images, music and maps to engage customers. It also provides analytics and reports to measure your conversions, actions and engagement rates. Tom Telford, owner of Cedar Creek Cabin Rentals said that he was able to add calls to action to their videos with Viewbix and ROI increased 13%.

GoAnimate: GoAnimate is an easy tool that allows you to create a professionally animated video. It will be a lot of fun to create videos. First, you have to select a theme for your video and which type of video you are going to create.

You have to select a template, different types of characters, shapes, and images to create a video. While creating the video you have options for background and drag and drop sequences. The results will be absolutely amazing.


Camtasia: Camtasia is the simplest video selling tool with a screen capturing software package. It is effective and will help you demonstrate the product. You can record your screen with its screen-capturing software.

You can create powerful videos and enhance your videos with Camtasia power editor, themes, animated background, callouts, and graphics.

You can engage your audience and increase your conversions with clickable links, search and more. These videos are easily sharable so viewers can watch anywhere, anytime.

Stupeflix: Creating videos becomes easier than ever with Stupeflix which is extremely easy. You can create a video with music, video and images. It has a basic and pro version.

The Basic version is free of cost, and it’s available with 16 beautiful themes.

You can add maps, voiceover and trim your videos very fast and in an easy way. You can Import it from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and via a URL. It is 1 click sharable.

EasySketchPro: It’s a drag and drop software for powerful videos. You just have to enter your text, image with sound, and click the build button and it’s done for you.

It is very helpful for businesses and internet marketers.

You can create videos for yourself and to promote affiliate programs. You can publish it to YouTube to get good exposure, make them go viral, and build engagement with Easy Sketch Pro videos.


VideoMarkerFX: This is a tool that has been adapted by marketers of various firms to create great video clips in a few minutes. It’s suitable for marketers, because it can create multiple numbers of video clips within a short period of time.

It saves time and makes work easier. It enables many people to create beautiful boards and videos to promote their products and services and to explain their characters. It’s the objective of every business firm to maximize profits by reducing total cost incurred. This is a suitable tool to apply because it’s quicker and more efficient in producing video clips.


Powtoon: It’s a marketing tool that contains a combination of presentations from power point to animated cartoons. It helps people create animated features such as cartoon features that can be used to present an advertisement.

It’s a basic marketing tool that has been used by many business firms to attract customers to their sites. Animated features influence the products of the company. It creates beautiful video clips with presentations that can be used to advertise products. Marketers have used this tool to create television Ads, video clips, business portfolios and to draw invitations thus promoting the business.


Magisto: This is a marketing tool that is used to create movies. It’s a tool that can change your daily photos and recorded video into videos you will always enjoy watching.

It takes beautiful photos that you have captured and recorded videos and adds animations, effects, and translation that best suit your interests. Users use the footage and emotional direction to create wonderful movies that will interest them.


It enables you to choose your favorite music and video files which are then added to the footage to form a good movie. This tool analyzes photos and video clips that are uploaded and selects the best algorithm method to select them.

Prezi: If you want to captivate your audience any time you give a presentation then this is the best tool to use. It allows you to make your story more interesting by zooming though it. It creates images and animations that make your presentation look more attractive to your audience. Prezi helps to promote presentations to make them look attractive. It has features that allow the creation of images, decorations, and selection of appropriate themes that best suit your presentation. Many business firms are adopting this method as it creates attractive presentations that attract customers.

Animoto: Animoto is a simple tool that allows you to create videos in a few seconds. It allows you to add your favorite photographs, videos and text.

Animoto already has the music that will be added to your video animations to make it more beautiful. Users are able to transfer these video clips to many sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. Users can choose from a variety of animations to be applied to their video clips. You can pick your favorite music from the library and incorporate it into the video clip.