What Ads To Create for Your Real Estate Audience

You’ll quickly find that targeting this group of your clients has one essential benefit for you. Not only is it an absolute necessity you to stay top-of-mind with your past clients and sphere of influence, but the targeting of this segment of your database creates an unbelievably easy process concerning ad creation.

Most likely the majority of them will not be searching for houses anytime soon. So they don’t want to see the typical “home for sale” ad, or the “5 Tips to Finding the right home…” report. Instead, it’s much easier than you think!

Considering all the recent changes with Facebook, they wants two things from you. They want relevant content that is engaging and they want content that doesn’t looks like it’s just there to sell. This is perfect because this group of past clients don’t want to be sold either! Your only job is to stay in front of your SOI and past clients.

That’s it!!

And this is how it’s done.

First, you don’t even need a website(although you probably already have one). Instead you can use other people’s content to help stay top-of-mind. What’s hot right now? I mean what topics right now are hot? Take a look at the headline to this blog post…

Now whether one is for, or against, owning (or renovating) a home, anything with a home/real estate on it is hot right now… and very engaging. What else do you think is specifically engaging to your group?

You got it! “Housing market in 2020”, right?

Couple these two aspects and you have a great post for yourself. But why….

Remember Facebook wants relevant and engaging material. But what will this also do for you? Well, Facebook will look at this ad and see the views, the shares, and any other activity as “good” content that fits the bill. And that’s all it will do, but it’s enough. Enough for Facebook and enough for your list of past clients and sphere of influence.

There is one more point to this method that I must add and it’s this: It warms up your list to seeing you again. So after a few engaging “ads” ( think blog posts – not sales material), your list will get warm and cozy and be more receptive to the content that is being pushed out. At this point, it will be beneficial to create a home listing ad to promote your business, but only after the list has been warmed up. Are you starting to see the difference?

You carefully place a nice ‘reminder’ in the list’s hands that says “Don’t forget… I am a real estate agent… and I sell homes…”

Let’s jump into creating your first ad.