What Is YouTube Marketing All About?

Video marketing has been a growing trend for a few years now. We’ve been saying that video is where the web is going, and we weren’t wrong: ever since last year video traffic makes up at least 78% of online traffic, and estimates forecast that it will go up to 80% in 2020!

In fact, it’s been found that all online traffic after 5 PM is video traffic, and most of that traffic goes to the largest video streaming platforms around, particularly YouTube, which uses video traffic to generate revenue.

YouTube has massive amounts of traffic, viewers, and content. It is the second most visited website in the world, right after Google. There are currently over 1 billion people using the platform to upload and consume video content, with over 300 hours of video being uploaded every day to the site!

Now, it is well known by this point that YouTube generates revenue by way of digital advertising. By letting content creators upload content to the platform, it has created the perfect channel where businesses can put their adverts in front of a large audience. It is a win-win situation where businesses can get more exposure, and where YouTube and content creators can pocket their respective share of the advertising revenue.

But the truth is that ad revenue is not the only way of making money on YouTube, and advertising is not the only option for businesses that want to get more customers and more exposure.

In fact, YouTube marketing has not only become a great marketing tool because it allows marketers to upload unique content that is easy to share and consume, but also because it allows online and offline businesses to take advantage of video traffic to grow their presence.

This is because YouTube is the second largest search engine, and it can help marketers to improve any brand or business’ search engine optimization efforts.

That said, YouTube marketing is all about ranking your videos to help them reach the top spot in search results, both on YouTube and on Google. Once you are able to rank a video in the top listings you will be able to get, on average, a 34% increase in exposure.

That means that if you upload a video on YouTube to promote your business or brand and you are able to rank it on top, you will be able to generate more visitors to your website, or to your online store, or to your online events.

Also, more people will be able to learn about your brand simply by searching a few keywords on Google, and that will generate more customers for your business.

And that’s not counting countless other ways to make money out of your top-ranking videos, including growing your mailing lists, selling your digital products, promoting affiliate products, and so on!

Now, ranking a video is not easy, let alone ranking it on top, what with all the competition and oftentimes saturated niches. But with our advice you will be able to apply proven strategies that will help you to easily dominate YouTube Marketing, so allow us to grab you by the hand and show you how to do YouTube Marketing the right way today!