What Other Real Estate Agents Are Doing Now

We’ve been talking about Follow-up as it relates to new leads, but we cannot leave out a more important part of the smart real estate agent’s marketing strategy…. Past Clients.

For decades, agents have been using a marketing method called sphere of influence marketing or SOI marketing.

This initially involves you marketing to a close group of associates, friends, and family every month. This is an older method of Top-of-Mind marketing to people who know, like, and want you to succeed. The other half of SOI marketing involves those prospects who have purchased or sold a home from you. Since the whole idea is for the client to have a good experience with you, it’s understandable these past clients should graduate into the SOI group.

Mainly, because if you did your job, that client will and trust you and want you to succeed. In other words, your goal is to stay top-of-mind with this close group in order to get more business in the form of direct sales and, more importantly, referrals. This is typically done with phone calls, letters, and emails. This method works if it’s done effectively.

The methods just mentioned, still work. However, with technology shaping the habits of so many consumers, statistics show customers and clients are much less loyal than before making this method ever harder to deploy with adequate effectiveness. What if you had a more effective way for your follow up? If you could free up your time to do what you do best – which is list and sell homes. Yes! You could benefit by not only providing an exceptional service to all of your clients but also reaching your goal of making a consistent income without the normal peaks and valleys most Realtors experience.