What’s the Solution? Enter Google (of course). Here’s the back story.

Our smart phone has become a natural extension to our bodies. We use them for everything from calls, to calculators, to cameras, and even flashlights.

And the two things we’re practically addicted to is Social Media and News.

Social Media and News.

Facebook & Instagram have created a neurological need much more cleverly done than any other addiction you’ve heard of. We respond to dopamine a brain chemical produced when we get a hit of satisfaction from likes, comments… and attention from our social media input. Every time someone notices us on social media, every time we get that “thumbs-up”, every time someone comments on a comment…

This chemical flushes a blast of pleasure into our psyche. This under-the-radar potent need to feel important has created a habit that no-one in the advertising space has touched… We naturally look at their phones without even thinking about it… we’ve formed a hard-wired habit. What does this mean? On Facebook you don’t see every post anymore.

Posts and advertisements that fit YOUR mold will show up more in your feed than anything else!

But you know what?

Google has been creating their most recent answer to Facebook’s Newsfeed.

It’s called Google Discover.

Now you may not have heard the name, but chances are you use it every day. In fact, nearly 1 Billion people are already addicted to this powerful Google response to all social platforms. It’s slick.

Google has side-stepped the need for likes, comments, and shares… and slipped into our mind by using the habits Facebook has already created for us… But, it’s not a social media outlet at all it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning like never before. And it’s perfect for home buyers and home sellers.

Let me explain…

Have you ever Googled something on your phone and noticed recently there is a new feed on the home page? And if you haven’t seen that you’ve swiped-right on your phone to notice the same Google news feed?

The “news”  feed seems to fit your interests like your favorite t-shirt. The articles, the shopping items, the sports updates, politics, local news, local events, weather…

Everything fits YOU – the consumer.  How does Google know you so well?

Somehow they are able to analyze your search habits online to determine your likes, your hobbies, and current interests… even as YOU change… IT changes WITH YOU.

And.. how’s that for leveraging competition? Now, why is this perfect for the rich Real Estate niche?

Again, when a home-buyer begins their journey… it’s often 6-8 months prior to actually viewing homes.

And what are they doing in the meantime?


Searching for homes online. Hook, line, and sinker… Google says, “GOTCHA!”… 

Those same homebuyers have bit the line by searching real estate properties on the web. But here’s the “Ah-ha”.

Every other agent is capturing those home searchers via the same lead-gen form. Let me explain. In the Vancouver market alone, there are over 14, 500 Real Estate agents in the local MLS. And when one homebuyer’s info is captured by an agent, you can bet that same buyer is filling out online forms on multiple other home search websites.

It’s lead gen mad… With Realtors crawling over each-other grabbing leads at the same time… They’re trying to get them to ‘buy now’ or ‘sell now’ when that home buyer/seller is nowhere close to being ready. If Lead-Gen was the answer for these agents, why are most agent struggling? They’re all fighting over the same leads using Chatbots, inside sales agents, text messages and more. What can you do?

Instead, you can sidestep all the lead-gen madness and slip into the collective mind of the real estate market by seeming to have a Total Online Presence with your Discovery campaigns…while you let your competition fight like dogs. You’ll be utilizing 3 major places most home buyers and sellers habitually hang out in for hours each and every day