Why is a Gmail Ad so powerful?

Your competitors use EMAIL as their main tool of communication for current prospects, current clients, and past clients (along with text messaging). But not every agent knows how to be seen in the typical real estate pitch-clogged inbox of the customer. In addition, these ads avoid junk folders, spam filters, and blocking! With Ads inside of Gmail, you can leverage a user base of over 1 Billion users of Gmail.

To top it off… the ads look like an email.

So the combination of the Google Discover News Feed, YouTube Ads, and Gmail Ads creates the illusion that you are everywhere as The Local Authority you have Total Online Presence.


  1.  Your prospects are in the Google News feed everyday and your ads sneaks in front of them.
  2.  You’ll get recognized inside of YouTube.
  3. Familiarity is solidified for you – You’re the Local Real Estate Authority right inside of their email inbox!

And when you are seen all over the ‘net’ some powerful things start to happen for your real estate business:

Real estate buyers and sellers subliminally want to work with someone who is busy. Your Total Online Presence creates this illusion.

  • It gives the impression of “success” in the eyes of the audience. More exposure equals success.
  • This ‘Total Online Presence’ method draws demand for your Realtor services. (If it seems like you are busy, the demand increases – even if it’s just perceived.)
  • When a home buyer or home seller contacts you – you are seen as an authority. You have perceived demand. Now you’re seen as the “expert” Realtor!

Subliminally leads to your audience trust you. The future of TOP-OF-MIND marketing is here… with Google you can achieved Total Online Presence. With this ‘Total Online Presence’ method, your future buyers and sellers will trust you because you gained the highest degree of awareness possible in their minds. Because you’re EVERYWHERE in their eyes and, you stand out as the local real estate expert.