Why Should You Definitely Use AdWords For Your Business?

Google AdWords is an effective online advertising tool that enables you to show your ads in Google’s search results. It is a Pay per Click marketing method to help you reach potential customers and generate revenue by promoting your products online.  Google AdWords is an effective online advertising tool that enables you to show your ads in Google’s search results. It is a Pay per Click marketing method to help you reach potential customers and generate revenue by promoting your products online.

Amazing Benefits:

Some major benefits of using Google AdWords are:

Advertise Locally or Globally:

Google AdWords provides you the ability to advertise your products or services locally or globally. You can display your ads in specific countries, regions or cities.

You can enable some particular ads to display only at some particular locations. You can specify some keywords to show your ads for a specific location. By customizing your ads, you can target interested audiences.

This geo-targeting ability of Google AdWords helps you to improve your visibility within the globe and brings more traffic to your business. Keep this in mind, and see your profits grow.

Reach the Right people at the right time:

Google AdWords helps you to reach the right people at the right time. You can advertise within the relevant niches and attract visitors. It allows you to easily reach the people who are searching for your products. You can improve your conversion rates easily through a Google AdWords campaign. Targeting a specific audience is easily possible here. All you need to do is to plan accordingly.

You can also target a particular region, in a particular language to display your ads at a pre-specified day or time. It attracts interested audience and drives more traffic to sell your products or services.

Get your business easily discovered:

If your ad is displayed on the top of the search results, then it will draw the attention of more visitors. People will find your business easily and instantly. It helps you to gain more visibility and create brand awareness. Ranking above your competitors enables you to generate more potential leads and improves your online sales. It also facilitates easy attainment of your targeted goals.

Along with that, you can also ensure that you’re getting the best value from your marketing activities. You won’t have to wait around for the results to be generated at an unspecified time.

Measurable, and Accountable:

Google AdWords provides you the ability to track how many people have seen your ad and how many clicks you received on your ads. It also helps you learn how long people stayed on your website. It can provide you a sales report indicating weekly and monthly visits. You can easily measure your performance by analyzing this data. By evaluating the results of these detailed reports, you can judge the factors that are improving your rank.

You can measure your ROI performance using AdWords. You have full access to your Google AdWords account and you can easily measure and maintain it. By doing so, you ensure your efforts are focused in the right direction.

Flexibility in your Campaign:

Google AdWords provides you complete control to change and manage your ads. If you want to increase your bid on a particular day or decrease it, then you can easily do it. You can also turn off your ads when a problem happens. You can show images and any information on ad extensions. You can discover your audience by location, time, and language and device type.

It can be used to display your ads for exact match. As a result, you can make changes at your will. Thus, it provides you full flexibility to customize your ads according to your needs.

Cost effective:

Another important benefit of using Google AdWords is that it is cost effective. It offers you a Pay-per-Click method of online marketing in which you need not pay anything when visitors see your ads on search results. You only need to pay when a customer clicks on your ad and visits your website. Cost-per-Click of each keyword is dependent on various factors like the bidding price, quality score and relevancy of that keyword to product or services. Various options are available for bidding on keywords that you choose according to your budget. You can increase your traffic without increasing your budget by using Google AdWords.

Stop, Start, Pause, and Test:

Google AdWords allows you to stop, start, pause and test your ads anytime. If you find that an ad or a keyword is not generating any profit, then you can stop it whenever you like.You can search for new terms and add it to your campaign. If some technical issues or any other issues occur, then you can pause your ad and restart it after solving those issues.

You can test your ads with different keywords to evaluate which keyword is generating more traffic to your products. These abilities help you to easily manage your online marketing business.

Highly Targeted:

Google AdWords can engage people by providing various targeting capabilities like:

  • Location Targeting: It enables you to display your ads to the specific geographic location.
  • Device Targeting:  It allows you to target your audience separately by a specific device type like laptops, desktop, tablets
    or mobile devices.
  • Language Targeting: It also provides you the ability to show your ads in different languages.
  • Time Targeting:  It provides you the capability to display your ads on specific days or hours of the day.
  • Auto-Tagging:  This feature automatically creates custom URLs to add additional information about clicks in Google Analytics Reports.
Maximum Relevance:

Position of ads on Google search results pages is determined by ad auctions. Many factors affect the ranking of your ad, like bid amount, Click through Rate and your landing page relevancy to search results, etc.

If your bid price is lower than your competitor, but your click through rate is high, then the probability of placing your ad at a high rank gets increased. If your website or landing page is more relevant to your ads, then it will place your ad above your competitor’s ad in search results.

Measure your ROI:

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) is a time consuming process and needs effective analytical skills. Google AdWords provides you conversion tracking tools to measure ROI very fast and accurately.

You can pay for each and every click that is traceable. So, it is easy to measure ROI in a better manner. Measurement of ROI enables you to evaluate which keywords are effective, and which are not. Google AdWords ROI enables you to pay only for business and profit so you can control your loss.  ROI helps you to calculate the real effect of your advertising efforts on your business.

Eye Opening Facts

  • About 97% of Google’s total revenues come from online advertising. (Source)
  • Spending on PPC Ads rose 12% year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2014. (Source)
  • For high commercial intent search queries the top 3 ad spots take about 41% of clicks on the page. (Source)
  • 99% of Google’s top 1000 clients run campaigns on the Display Network & YouTube. (Source)
  • 6.6% is an average lift in consumer’s mind awareness of a brand that has
  • an ad appearing in Google search. (Source)
  • Google display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users. (Source)
  • Consumers exposed to display ads are 155% more likely to search for brand and segment specific terms. (Source)
  • Google rakes in 33% of all online ad revenue (38.6 billion out of 117.6 billion). (Source)
  • At least 300,000 mobile applications are currently serving mobile ads. (Source)
  • Google controls 68% of the US search engine market. (Source)