1 : Creating the audience

In this step by step process I will show you the greatest 5 strategies to get the most out of Facebook Remarketing for your Business Success. I will show you the easiest, fastest and cheapest ways to apply these strategies.

Those strategies are: Data File Custom Audience, MailChimp Custom Audience, Custom Audience from your Mobile App, Custom Audience from your Website and Lookalike Audiences.

Step 1: Creating the audience

Strategy #1: Data File Custom Audience

How it sound to you if you could “Naturally” advertise to your email list as many times as possible during the day without having to send several emails at the same time, which will end up burning out your list forever.

That’s exactly what you can do with this really cool remarketing service Facebook offers you with the first Remarketing Method in their Platform.

Once you are logged in on Facebook, you would need to go straight to www.facebook.com/ads/manage/audiences.php

Once you are there, you will see the 2 different Remarketing Options Facebook is actually offering you at the moment.

Go inside the First one by clicking on Create Custom Audience, and you will able to see the first and most important 4 remarketing options. You will click on the first one: “Data File Custom Audience”

Type a name and description, and with this option you will be able to upload a list of Emails, Facebook User IDs, phone numbers or Mobile Advertiser IDs.

The easiest one to use here is the Emails one. If you already have a list of subscribers you just need to add them on a list, organizing them 1 email per line, on a .csv or .txt file.

Then what Facebook will do is find out how many of those people have a Facebook Account registered with that email. And that’s how you create the audience from real people with real emails. And let me tell you, a really high number of those email users will be on Facebook already.

Then you will be able to create an ad to target those people specifically with any related offer of your choice.

That way you will advertise to them by email as well as many times as you want on Facebook 100% naturally. Don’t you feel more confident buying an offer that has been advertised everywhere?