1: Having A Good Product Or Service To Sell.

Making money over the internet with your business is not a rocket science, but you must definitely know what you are doing, and do it right. The Top 5 Elements of a Successful Internet Marketing Campaign are:

  • Element #1: Having a good product or service to sell
  • Element #2: Optimizing your website for maximum conversions
  • Element #3: Traffic Generation
  • Element #4: Tracking
  • Element #5: Customer Relationship Management

Element #1: Having a good product or service to sell.

The first and foremost important point to keep in mind while going for internet marketing is to have a product or service that caters to the needs of the people. Its qualities and features should meet their requirements.

Having an excellent “problem solving” product enhances the chances of success for your business. People need to feel that all their problems can be duly satisfied after purchasing your product.

The following points can enhance the value of your product when offered to people-

  • Satisfy their needs:

The most important quality of a good product is that it should be able to cater to the needs and requirements of the people. They should develop a feeling that it has been designed only to satisfy them.

The qualities and attributes of a successful product rests in effectively solving the problems of customers. Its price, availability and demand are all connected to satisfying the requirements of customers.

For a smooth and proper business function, the needs of your customers should be properly solved.

  • Authentic link between your sales page and product content:

A general saying goes like this “First impression is the last impression”.  In business context also, that saying is equally important. There should be a clear connection with what you say, and what customers end up receiving.

The sales page is the first impression that gets the maximum viewership for your product. Keep in mind that only relevant and authentic information should be depicted on your sales page.

If there is some deviation between your sales page and product content, a negative image gets transmitted, and your business heads for a topsy-turvy, flip flop.

  • Get Personal:

A good product should be able to establish a personal bond of trust and faith with its customers. When people feel connected to your product, they become brand loyal, and provide a positive word of mouth review.

The ultimate goal of your product should be to satisfy the unheard needs and wants of the customer. It should be designed in a way to increase the level of brand awareness, along with gauging monetary benefits.

When the customers feel a connection with your product, they give a favorable word of mouth review and ensures brand recognition at minimal cost.

  • Stand by your commitment:

An effective and profit yielding product’s most important feature is its ability to stand by the promise that was made to customers. For decades, businesses have adopted this without any changes or modifications.

By focusing on your pre-made promise, it becomes convenient to address the issues of customers. Many business houses have failed to deliver as per the promise, and the results have been disastrous.

Remember, the easiest way to lose the customer is by giving fake promises. Stand by your words to enjoy success in every aspect of business.

  • Genuine testimonials hold the key to success:

Results that have the proof attached are the most eye-catching features for each and every product. By showing authentic and bankable reviews, the chances of your product’s success gets multiplied easily.

When people read about the experiences, don’t give them a fake picture of what your product never delivered. Testimonials attract the attention of viewers, but if not authentic, end up giving disastrous results.

Be authentic and genuine to beat your competitors in every regard.

  • Be unique and creative:

In today’s high-tech scenario, creativity holds a great deal of relevance for all companies. Whether you offer a product or you belong to the service sector, you always need to get people’s interest by offering them something lucrative.

Creativity is not restricted to making subtle changes in the product. It can be used in your store design, in your way of advertising, how you promote your product, etc. Remember, being unique is far better than being monotonous and boring.

Being monotonous has been the habit of the losers. Highlight your offering by being different from the others.

  • Consistency – your key to success:

Change is the essence of life. This saying holds true to some extent, but, in the case of a product, consistency cannot be compromised in any respect. Efforts must be made to be as authentic as possible.

Being consistent forges a strong relation with your customers. It gives them a feeling of satisfaction that fuels the purchase decision. Major business houses have their focus on providing a consistent, quality product designed to get the customer’s attention.

  • Foster effective Connections:

The product you are selling should be able to make its audience connect to it. People should be able to relate themselves to your product, and should become a part of your organization’s success.

Design your product or your store in such a way that it attracts people to visit it quite often. The key lies in thoroughly understanding their aspirations and your competitors’ strategies, and use them toward your advantage.

To be a huge success, generate the feeling of connectivity amongst your customer base.

  • Be Customer-Centric:

The saying “Customer is the King”, holds a great deal of validity for all types of products and businesses. Its features, price, cost-effectiveness, problem solving approach, etc., should be focused on the customer.

Many businesses make the mistake of giving extra importance to promotion, advertising and other related activities. It should always be kept in mind that your product is their first impression, and it should not become the last.

By making the customer adapt to your product, you will be able to hold on to them for an extended period of time and foster success for you brand.

  • Affordable price:

Pricing is the most important and time consuming decision every business owner has to make. An effective and attractive pricing strategy is very essential for catering effectively to your targeted customer base.

Over-pricing, as well as Under-pricing are both roadblocks to the success of your product. By having a price that is affordable and convenient, the customers feel connected and stand with you in the long run.

Price has always been a debatable issue for the customers. Always remember, all of them will not be satisfied, so don’t run after them without a reason.