2 : MailChimp Custom Audience

Strategy #2: MailChimp Custom Audience

Now that I have created a Custom audience, the interface to create new custom audiences will look different.

To create a new one, you just need to click on the “Create Audience” button located at the top right corner, and then you will see the options again.

With this second strategy, you will be able to match your MailChimp list with people on Facebook to create an audience. This is a more direct way to create a Custom Audience with your email lists, but only if your lists are located in MailChimp. If not, you just need to use the previous strategy.

The process is extremely simple. You just need to login to your MailChimp account by using the Facebook Interface. We remind you Facebook will not store your login details.

Then you will select the list of your choice, and finally you will click on “Create Audience”. It’s that simple. In my opinion this is the easiest method of all.