2: Optimizing Your Website For Maximum Conversions.

Your website plays the most important role in designing a lucrative Internet marketing plan. To generate more revenue, website performance is a prime aspect you have to focus on. Optimization is not that easy, so you need to analyze your website timely to enhance the functionality of your business.

Numerous businesses are utilizing internet marketing to drive more traffic for their website. Conversion rates depend on the types of websites you have. Your website may be designed to gather leads, make a sale or for the sign-up process. So the conversion rate will vary accordingly.

Here is a step by step process to optimize your website for maximum conversions.

  1. User Experience
  2. Writing Good Content
  3. Writing Hypnotizing Sales Copies
  4. Having a Lead Generation System
  5. Strategic Monetization

User Experience:

To provide a great user experience to your users, you need to create an engaging website. Your home page is the supreme point of contact that allows you to depict complete information in a stream lined manner.

Optimizing user experience is a method of exploring, planning, implementation, computation and repetition. It also improves user satisfaction and relegates the cost of development, redesigning, support and documentation.

While optimization your website, you can-

  • Explain what you do on your “About Us” page with a mission statement.
  • Include a video on your website about your product or just an introduction as per the requirement to hold your audience.
  • Include a site search box to make searching easy for your visitors.
  • Add unique product information to your website by giving a description with a personal touch.
  • Use consistent formatting so that visitors will be able to find out the information they need.
  • Structured navigation allows your audience to look for the pages in which they are interested.
  • Add social interaction as well, where the user can easily share the content on social media.

Writing good content:

Writing good content is very important for attracting the attention of your visitors. The content that you show on your website is very essential and should represent the exact needs of the audience.

Writing good and authentic content ensures that you’ll get high rankings in the search engines, and you’ll get good exposure to increase your customer base. The below mentioned points are very essential and useful for each and every business:

  • Write original content.
  • Let your content carve a niche for itself.
  • Have strong and precise headlines.
  • Never over-speak.
  • Solve their problems instead of enhancing them.

All these above mentioned points will ensure that you are able to get maximum readability for your website, and consequently increase the share of profits.

Writing hypnotizing sales copy:

Sales copy has the potential to get you from Rags to Riches. A sound, pin-point accurate and specifically designed sales copy enhances the chances of success for your product.

The sales copy acts as a perfect description for your product, crossing the barriers of geographical location. It gives you access to multiple streams of customers, and enables your product to reach the right place at the right time to solve the problems of customers.

The following points help you to add that extra advantage and make your sales copy more appealing:

  • Have an Eye-Catching headline.
  • Be specific and to the point.
  • Have a strong call to action attached.
  • Focus on solving customer’s problems.
  • Promise only what you can deliver.

By keeping in mind the above mentioned points, you will be able to craft a compelling sales copy, and ensure your product becomes a great success.

Strategic Monetization:

To get better results, you can go through these tools that will help you a lot in monetizing your website:

a) A/B Testing: A/B testing allows you to collect website data that displays various versions of a webpage so that you will be able to know which one can achieve your desired results.

b) Heat-map: A Heat-map is a 2-D graphical representation of data where values are defined by colors so your audience can figure out and evaluate complex data sets. It provides you complete information about your visitors. It summaries for you which part of your webpage is active or not. Crazy Egg is a popular Heat-map tool.

c) Paid Advertising: To drive more traffic toward your website, you can use paid advertisement such as PPC (Pay per Click), CPM (Cost Per mile), and CPA (Cost per Action). Paid Advertisement gives your business immediate and consistent traffic with targeted ads.

Having a lead generation System:

Generating leads is a great way to increase your database. Auto-responders help you to get the leads in your list such as AWeber, Get Response, and Mail Chimp.

Auto-responders improve your branding and personalization, Delivers mail directly in your audience’s inbox, it’s easy to organize and use, and establishes a relationship with Potential Customers. Create Opt-in forms for your website to get more leads. Motivate them to fill in that form with a giveaway.

You can include an opt-in form on your about page, landing pages, free download pages, sidebars, end of blog posts, header and footer. You can also use the dreaded light box Pop-up window. By following these points in a simple manner, businesses can enable themselves to increase their earnings in a slow and gradual manner. If they are followed with the correct approach, they can ensure that all your efforts get directed in the correct direction, and you attain success in the long run.