3 : Audience from your Mobile App

Strategy #3: Custom Audience from your Mobile App

Creating a Custom Audience from your Mobile App might be too complicated. So I would like to show you some places you may find out more information about it so you can decide whether to take the time and apply this strategy.

To get there you just need to click on the top right corner button again.

And then click on the “Custom Audience from your Mobile App” option.

And right there you will be able to learn everything you need to know to apply this strategy.

Before you create the audience, you will need to acomplish some very detailed steps. You can find those steps by clicking on “Learn More”

Right here you can see every step you need to acomplish to use this remarketing strategy

The intention of this training is not to complicate your life. So That’s why if you are not a technical person, we advise you to move on and take a look at the following strategy.