3: Optimize your Profile for mass traffic

This is the first thing your visitors will see when they visit your Pinterest page. You want people to get a good first impression, so here you will find some tips on how to make a high quality Pinterest profile.

Pinterest makes it extremely easy and 100% flexible to rebrand your profile however you want. Let’s log in and see what I mean by this. After you log in, go to the top right corner and click on your “first name” and then “Your Boards”

Now you see it is completely empty. What you will do now is to click on the little pencil located at the bottom right corner of the white square:

As you can see you are able to edit anything you want in order to establish your brand really well on Pinterest and on the search engines as well which is just amazing. My advice is:

  • Place your hot keyword instead of your first name and last name (optional). That will give you a more attractive identification to your Pinterest page. For a business account, just leave the name of your company. People online need to know your company by its name.
  • You are able to edit your username as well if you want, but remember to stay in the topic you are trying to build on Pinterest. This is not recommended if you already have a long time using your current username on Pinterest. It’s as bad as changing the name of a well establish company. Stay general as well, because this is the Home page of your Pinterest page account. You will be able to be more specific on every board you will build. For a business account, just leave the name of your company as well.
  • Wisely appeal to the specific audience you are trying to reach using the proper words in the “About You” section. Use your hot keyword as well. Be nice and gentile. Remember you are approaching mainly women. For a business account, you should approach everyone.
  • The location will help you find local clients as well on anything you are trying to promote on your Pinterest boards. This is very effective for local businesses.
  • Finally, insert your website. I strongly advise you to get a domain name that perfectly fits your general topic. Pinterest will ask you to verify your website.

Finally you can upload you Profile Picture as well by clicking on “Change Picture”. For the personal account, use a symbol, like a ring for a wedding topic. For your business account, you should obviously use your company logo.

These highly effective tips right here will give a tremendous search engine power to your Pinterest Page. The search engine will treat your page as a real Pinterest Page, which, in reality, it is.

Pinterest is so easy to use and it’s amazing how fast you can set up an account applying every one of the steps. Let’s go and check out step 4 and start creating our powerful Pinterest Money-Making Machines.