4: Create your Boards setting up your PMMM

Now it’s time to create your Pinterest Money-Making Machines. Creating Boards is extremely easy like everything else in Pinterest.

Your Pinterest page is like a website where the pages are the Boards. Every board will target a specific topic in your niche. Even the Boards have a unique website address as well. You will see it once we create a board.

Here you see the URL of my Pinterest Page.

Pinterest even cares about your Page Title. This is something extremely powerful to the search engines, and Pinterest knows that. They do everything for you to establish a highly successful page in their platform.

In order to create a board, just click on the button “Create a Board”:

What you will do know is to create a Pinterest board targeting a specific topic in your niche. I will be using Wedding Rings just to start out.

Search engines love these kinds of page. Now, pay close attention to the URL and even the title of your brand new board. I don’t have words to say how hot this type of page is to the search engines, so it may rank high for people to see it on the first places of the search engines results.

My advice here is:

  • Search for really popular interests on Pinterest. Go to the top right section and click on and there you will find all interests listed in Pinterest. You will find an option called “Popular.” Check on Pins that have a lot of “repins” and see if any of the topics have something to do with yours.
  • Search for other websites talking about Pinterest. You can search in Google for sites talking about trends on Pinterest, top pins, popular Pinterest boards, etc. Those websites have awesome statistics really well organized way better than Pinterest in the matter of trends.
  • Something vital here as well is to check on popular shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Sears, Apple, etc. you can find highly-profitable marketing ideas for your boards topic. Do you know how much money those huge businesses spend on Market Research to launch their high-selling products?
  • You can even use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find what words people use to search for what they need using the Internet. Google will tell you how many times during a month every one of the keywords have been used by people to perform their search. A lot of searches mean a lot of interest.
  • Google AdWords not only will show you about searches, it will show you how many advertisers and how much money those Advertisers are paying to Google per click advertising on the Google Sponsor Places using those same keywords people use to search. If you find what is called a High Cost per click, which means the keyword possesses a high marketing value.
  • Do not create just one Board. Create as many boards as you can. Starting with 4 will be just great. Remember it’s free. You just need to target every possible angle of your market. People will find your Pinterest Page very helpful.

The creation process is exactly the same thing for businesses. You now may check out some really cool success stories for businesses using Pinterest: http://business.pinterest.com/success-stories/ before we continue…