4 : Custom Audience from your Website

Strategy #4: Custom Audience from your Website

This strategy is one of the most used Facebook remarketing strategies.

This strategy is sometimes slower to build a custom audience with because it will depend on the number of visitors your website actually gets.

It consists of installing a piece of code inside the code of your website. It’s recommended that you place the code immediately before the closing </head> tag in your HTML.

If you have a basic html website. You just need to look for the </head> tag that will look like this:

If you have a WordPres Website, you just need to go to apereance, editor, look for the header.php area, look for the </head> and paste the code and remember to update the file.

Now you just need to wait for Facebook to track your visits and create your custom audience from the people who visit your website from now on.

Then, once there is enough of an audience, you will be able to create an ad and advertise specifically to those people.