5: Pinning getting the most out of it

I´m so excited to explain to you what pinning is all about, and I will give you some really cool advice on this as well.

This place is where we will do all the magic here on your Pinterest Board. And let me show you all the amazing things this really cool box is capable of doing. I will explain the two most powerful and effective functions that this amazingly powerful little box has to offer to you and your business:

  1. Pinterest Feed:

This is a technology used by highly-important social media sites. This is something that can dramatically increase the views of your followers on every single pin you post.

Once you post something into your Pinterest Board, every single person that has followed your Specific Board will receive that same pin into their own Pinterest Feed.

The Pinterest Feed is:

  1. The first thing that a Pinterest user looks at every time he/she enters into their Pinterest account.
  2. It is the place where a Pinterest user receives every single pin you have posted into your own Pinterest boards, as well as all the pins from all the Pinterest Boards they have followed.
  3. It is one of the most-seen places of the entire Pinterest account by every Pinterest user.

One of the great advantages of the Pinterest Feed section is that it has the ability to place every pin right on top in the order they are received. This means that if you decide to send 5 pins at once, all of them will be placed in the top of all of the pins, no matter what other pins are in there.

Another great thing about it is if that same user decides to follow another of your boards, he/she will get all of your posted pins right away in the top of his/her Pinterest Feed.

  1. Viral Power:

The great thing about a post is that once your friends see the post they can do 3 actions:  Pin it, like and comment. But what makes the pin amazingly viral is the “Pin it” Fuction.

If your friends click on a “Pin it” button, the friends of your friend will receive that exact same pin into the top of their Pinterest feed, and if the friends of your friends do the same, the viral effect is then taking place, with just a simple and single click. The time has come to start posting our value to all of our future followers. Now your goal will be to create at least 9 pins in each board. The reason for you to add 9 things before we look after followers to get traffic is because Pinterest designed the boards throughout the interface to show 9 of the latest thumbnails for each board.

9 items on every single board will show fellow pinners that you are an active pinner on Pinterest which people like.

In order to post a pin you just need to click on the “add a pin” button:

You will have 3 options here:

From computer: will give you the ability to upload an image from your computer.

From website: will give you the ability to pin images from a website URL.

From Pinterest: will give you the ability to pin other pinners’ pins which is called “repin” to your own board.

Something amazing about pins is that after you have created your pin, if you go and edit it you will find the option of placing a URL in the Source box. And you will be able to even enter a clickable URL into the description box as well.

You will be able to pin even videos in your board. Pining video is so easy to do. In order to do that you will need to go to a video sharing site, search for a relevant video, find the Pinterest button, click on it, select your board and pin it.

My advices for creating highly effective Pins are:

  • Use highly relevant items to your board’s topic. If people are visiting your Wedding Rings board, what content should you be showing to them? Wedding Rings of course.
  • Besides images, you are allowed to pin videos as well. What you need to do here is to search for the Pin button located at the “share” area of the video, click the button, if you are logged in to Pinterest you just select your board and click “pin it”. Videos are really attractive to people. If everybody at Pinterest shares images. a video will grab a lot of attention.
  • Something great about pins is that you are able to place a clickable URL on 4 different spots of the pin no matter what pinning method you use. If people decide to click on it, they will be redirected to any place you want them to be redirected: your website, affiliate product, squeeze page, etc. Affiliate URLs are not welcome on Pinterest anymore so I suggest you register and use a highly-related domain and redirect all of you traffic to it. Let me tell you, Pinterest traffic is high-converting so you won’t have problems making money from any product you might be promoting from your website.
  • You have the ability to repin other people’s pins into your own board. Search for pins that have a lot of repins so you will have a pin that you know people are going to repin again. At the same time, I strongly recommend you create or find images that are not in the Pinterest platform. This is because people like new stuff. Once they see something they have not seen before they will start adding it to their collection by repining it.
  • Thanks to putting highly-relevant pins on your boards, people will start following you. After that they will start seeing your pings every time you post new ones. Using big images is vital so you can grab more eyes from your followers and get them to visit your pins. Once they visit your pin, they will enjoy a big and high definition image a lot more than a small and opaque one.

The process is so easy to do. You will be able to do the same thing with your business account. Check the success histories so you may see again some other great examples for businesses.