Alternative Monetization Strategies To Consider

YouTube can be a gold mine for marketers, businesses, and entrepreneurs looking for additional revenue streams to add to their bottom lines. That is because there are countless ways that you can make money on the side with your YouTube videos, and here are the ones that have made us the most money this year so far!

Sell Your Own Branded Merchandise

You can supplement your income as a content creator by selling merchandise branded after your logos and content. There are several print-on-demand services out there such as “” that will help you to sell t-shirts, coffee mugs, posters, pillows, bags, and other types of merchandise with your own designs without you having to invest money up front.

You will only have to upload your designs to your product pages, to produce mock-up images of your products to promote on your videos and to add links to your product pages in your descriptions, or on annotations. Selling your own branded merchandise will not only allow you to make additional money off your brand on YouTube, but it will also increase your exposure offline by letting people promote your brand for you!

Offer Bonus Content Through A Subscription

As a YouTube marketer or content creator, you can set up a subscription-like venue for people that would like to support your work. It works like this: You are already uploading or promoting content for free to your viewers, but that content is supported by ad revenue, your affiliate sales, sponsorships, online store sales, or a combination of those.

There will always be viewers that like your content more than others, and they will be willing to pay you if you can offer them bonus content outside of what you post on YouTube, and you can totally get paid by these fans for that bonus content through a funding platform.

The most popular funding platform so far is “”, where you can easily set up a series of reward tiers that your fans can subscribe to. The higher the tier, the more perks they get from you, and also the more they have to pay to you. You can offer your fans rewards such as early access to your videos, access to live chat sessions with you, and the right to give you ideas about what you should include in your videos, and they’ll have to pay a monthly subscription to access those rewards!

License Your Content

There are going to be times when media companies and private label rights resellers may want or need to use your content or videos to produce their own products, especially if you produce high quality and very informative content, because that saves them time and resources. You can sell the rights to use your content to third parties by adding a business email address on your channel description and at the end of your video descriptions. You’ll just have to add a simple line of text to let companies and individuals know that they can contact you if they’re interested in using your content for commercial purposes!

Sell Your Own Digital Products

The people that are subscribed to your channel and that consume your content on a regular basis are already interested in what you do, and you can take that interest one step further by offering a branded, extended, and more complete version of your YouTube content in the form of digital products. What you have to do is to simply repurpose your content into something that you can sell. For example, you can take all your video scripts about a particular topic, transcribe them, and make an eBook about that particular topic. Or you can make longer, more complete versions of your tutorials and how-to videos, package them into a single series and sell them as video training.

Once you’ve packaged and branded your digital products you can set up an online store where you can sell them using a service such as Then you’ll just have to promote your digital product store on your videos by adding cards with links to specific products!