Creating the Ad

I’m sure you already know how to create an ad, but let me walk you quickly through the proccess.

This process is simple. It’s similar to the process for creating regular Facebook Ads, but you will find a few differences.

First of all you will click on Create Ad right here from the Custom Audience of your choice.

What kind of results do you want for your ads?

Then you will choose what kind of results you want for your ads; this step is extremely important.

The great thing about this step is that you dedice where to send the traffic depending on the audience to whom you are advertising. The awesome thing is that you know exactly who your ad will reach.

For example, if you created an audience of people who bought your front end offer but didn’t buy the Upsell offer, then you will send them straight to a limited time offer promoting the Upsell offer alone to them.

This will dramatically increase your upsell sales. It’s true that you can just email them the upsell offer, but the more you advertise to them the more opportunities you will have.

You can’t send them 3 emails about the same offer every day; that will make them very unhappy. But you can advertise to them from Facebook Ads completely naturally, and that will increase their confidence to buy the upsell offer.


Then you pick some images directly related to your offer. It’s fine to pick the same images that have been giving you some great resuls with the regular Facebook Ads, but remembet the audience you will be targeting is way more specific than the audience you targeted in those regular and previous campains.

A very detailed image informing them about an exclusive offer that only your front end buyers bought will be more atractive to them because they already know you.

Using your product image might be a great idea. If they paid for your product, that will catch their attention. People pay a lot of attention to stuff they paid for. And once they see there is an upgrade, they will be more likely to take a look.

Text and Links

Here you will be able to approach your offer more specifically. Always keep in mind the audience you will advertise to. Remember they have already done something within your website, and remember where you are leading them.

Remember that you will be advertising to a specific group of people who have done something on your website. No one else will be looking at your ads; the marvelous thing about Facebook Custom Audiences is that you know whom you are talking to exactly.


In the audience section you will be able to do a lot of things. The custom audience will be selected by default.

Here you will be able to chose whom to advertise to inside of your custom audience. If you would like to advertise to all of them just don´t enable anything in this section.

But specify if you are able to advertise only to women, or only to men, or only to people within a certain age, etc. You can decide the country as well. Maybe you have a special promotion to people in an specific country, or even a particular city.

You can advertise to anyone inside your custom audience; that’s the awesome thing about combining Facebook Advertising with Retargeting.

Campaign, Ad Set, Bidding and Pricing

Finally, here you can set up the rest of the ad. You can select the campaign, ad set name, the budget per day, the schedule, the bidding and the pricing and click on “Place Order.”

Something great about working with Custom Audiences is that your CTR (Click Throgh Rate) will significantly increase. That will help your CPC (Cost per Click) to drop and lower your Facebook Advertising cost Significantly.

This will happen because you will be advertising to an audience that is live and that is directly related to your offers. Because they know you already – they have interacted with your emails, website or mobile app – they have probably purchased from you, so they will be interested to know more about you.