Effective use of Ad rotation

Ad rotation is the practice of showing different advertisements at the same location on a website page. The ads can be rotated when the web page is completely reloaded, or in a single page load, or both.

Ad rotation helps you showcase your ads on the Search network, as well as Display network. There are 4 different options available for you-

  • Optimization for clicks- High performing ads are delivered in the auction as compared to other ads in the same group.
  • Optimization for conversions- In this case, the ads that are expected to convert more than the other ads in the
    group delivered in the auction.
  • Even rotation- Here, an equal chance is given to all types of ads to get displayed in spite of low conversion rates or low CTR.

Indefinite rotation- It works the same as even rotation, the only difference being it works for an indefinite amount of time and optimization is not possible in this case.