Facebook Remarketing Do’s and Dont’s


Include a call to action: A call to action is very important in order to convert your website visitors into buyers when you are retargeting them. You can use creative words that change their minds within seconds like “click here” and “read more” etc. You need to create curiosity with your call to action links in your remarketing campaign; that will make your potential customers click on the advertisement.

Be creative: You don’t need to spend more time building the trust of your audience when you are retargeting them. You should consider what makes them unique from others in order to creatively retarget. You can create and serve customized ads to re-engage your website visitors and existing customers according to their behavior and offer them your products based on their interest.

Audience Segmentation: Audience segmentation allows you to customize your ad copy to your visitors in different stages of the buying process. As a marketer, you need to deliver the most relevant ads to your visitors.

You can place different types of retargeting pixels on different pages to retarget them again.  For example, after they visit your home page, you can target those visitors with a more creative ad to build your brand awareness; and if they visit your product page, you need to give them more specific ads for your products.

Audience segmentation helps you to serve more relevant and engaging ads according to your user’s interests in order to grab their attention. You need to build multiple lists for multiple goals.

Limit your ad: You need to avoid annoying followers, and exclude your current buyers from your Facebook remarketing campaign. You can apply limits to your remarketing campaigns that specify how and where your ads will be displayed. You can limit your ad impressions and show your ads a specific number of times in a day. You can also limit the places in which you want to show them.

Test Everything: You will see the best results if you test each campaign that you have created. With help of A/B testing you can create highly targeted ads, and this testing also assists you in monitoring your conversions and visits.

You need to track the results of your remarketing campaigns after a fixed period of time and make the changes if required. You can test different calls-to-action, wordings and landing pages to find more highly converting ad copy. This will help you increase you conversion and brand awareness.

Optimize your conversion: There are various Facebook tools available that will help you optimize your Facebook remarketing conversions. Facebook will automatically deliver highly targeted ads to your potential audience. These tools will also manage your Facebook remarketing strategy by taking care of your bidding strategy and the rotation of your ads. Optimizing your conversions will also help to generate more leads and sales.

Analyze behavior: You can include behavioral-based campaigns in your Facebook remarketing strategy; these campaigns are most effective when used on potential customers and relevant traffic. It’s a great way to know, understand and analyze your customers’ behavior. You can characterize your visitors according to time they spend on your website, the traffic’s source and their last purchasing behavior. Characterization will help you serve highly targeted and relevant ads to your visitors.

Use all ad formats: While being creative with Facebook ads to remarket your business, there are many types of ad sizes available with Facebook, such as page post link for desktop ad 470X246, mobile ad 560X292, permalinks 470X246 and sidebar ad 254X133 and many more image sizes for video ads, page post images ads, page post like ads, page post event ads, and mobile application ads.

You need to test which ad is working best for you and getting more impressions for your remarketing campaign. Once you find the most convertible ad sizes, you need to be sure to create ads in all valid sizes to maximize your reach to your customers.

Keep your bidding high: With remarketing, you have already found your potential customers to whom you will show your brand online; now it’s time to put in some more effort and engage them with your product. You can keep the bidding rate higher to display your ads on top for that small segment of traffic.

Keeping the bidding rate high makes your ad display in the desirable position and in front of the eyes of the customers. You customers will be more likely to convert if they are already familiar with your business.

Create multiple campaigns: If you are dealing in more than one business and service and want to remarket your brand, creating a common campaign for all products and services can’t give you desired result.

You need to create multiple campaigns to capture your potential customers’ attention according to their actions and interests. Every campaign should be defined for a specific goal. By doing this, you can easily manage and understand your remarketing campaign. This will also help you increase your conversion and revenue.


Don’t forget to optimize your landing pages: You have done everything, such as highly targeted and creative ads, segmented your audience and created killer ad copy, but you forgot to optimize your lading pages for your remarketing ads. The customers follow your call to action, but they will be unable to be directed to the desired page, and this will harm your business badly.

You need to optimize your landing pages for your remarketing ads to direct them to the desired page, or you can create custom landing pages with your retargeting messages. If you optimize correctly, you have an opportunity to increase your sales and revenue with your potential customers.

Don’t underestimate lookalike audiences: You are using Facebook website custom audiences to retarget your website visitors without lookalike audiences; that means you are losing customers who have similar characteristics to your custom audiences. Facebook automatically finds new potential customers whose interest and behavior are similar to those people who are in your remarketing list.

With lookalike audiences you have an opportunity to engage an audience that doesn’t have any previous knowledge of your brand and products.

Don’t focus on CTR only: You are running a remarketing campaign to convert your potential customers into buyers. But you fail because you only pay attention to your click through rate rather than ROI.

For example, if your click through rate is 25% but your conversions are 0.00%, you are not making money with your ad clicks. You will make money when your visitors buy your products. So you need to pay less attention to CTR and more attention to ROI.

Don’t follow your customers everywhere: Do not follow your customers everywhere; that is, do not allow your ads to display again and again because a user may become annoyed and leave.

Do not just market by causing distractions and interrupting the privacy of a user by following them everywhere. Set-up a frequency cap, and make sure that your ad gets displayed for a short and desirable period of time.

Don’t forget to target the cart abandonment: You want to re-engage your customers with the Facebook remarketing strategy. You started marketing to your previous website visitors but forget to include cart abandonment in your remarketing campaign, and you are losing potential customers.

Targeting cart abandonment is a quick and highly effective technique to re-engage those customers who left your website after adding products to their cart. You can offer them a discount or free stuff to convert into buyers. You need to engage them to drive more sales and build more meaningful relationships.

Don’t forget to define your business objectives: You are started posting ads, content, offers and contests on Facebook to re-engage your past website visitors. But you forgot about defining your goals; your campaign is nice but there is no value for that campaign.

It doesn’t matter what your goal is; you want to drive more sales, higher click through rate and customer engagement. However, first you need to define your objective in a clear, measurable and time-oriented way. This will prevent confusion when you optimize your campaigns.

Don’t show only two or three ads: You set a remarketing campaign and you create only one or two ads to promote your campaign. When you promote your campaign with one or two ads, your customers will get tired of the ads soon. Then you will lose your customers.

You are offering useful reminders to your potential customers to be in the buying process, so do not try to stalk or haunt your customers. As the amount of time spent retargeting to your audience becomes smaller, you need to use multiple ad formats to target them. Each ad should look different from the others.

Don’t fail to measure success:  When you run remarketing campaigns to engage your customers, it’s also important to measure your success. You can measure your success with click through rates that show how many customers visit your website directly through Facebook. If you see any changes with remarketing campaigns increasing your business, this means your campaign is working.

Don’t show too many impressions: One or two visits to your website doesn’t necessarily mean that your potential customers want to buy from you. If you are showing too many impressions to your custom audience, overexposure of your brand can decrease your remarketing campaign performance. Your audience may ignore your ads and have negative association with your brand.

So, you need to use frequency caps to limit the number of impressions and ads for each user. Frequency caps also helps you prevent your customers from feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t forget to refine your target audience: Never hesitate in refining your target audience. If, after finding your target customers through their behavior, your aim doesn’t get accomplished, you should also target them by their age, gender and other means. Using geographical and physical demographics also helps in this process. You also need to target them with their interests, actions and behavior for better results.


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