How To Do Local Marketing The Right Way Strategy #3

Strategy #3: Local Marketing On Social Media

Social Media has invested a great deal of money, time and effort into positioning any local business on their respective platforms a lot easier every time and with a great percentage of productivity.


Facebook offers some awesome services especially for Local Businesses. The two most important services for local business are the Facebook Page and Facebook Advertising.

Facebook Page

On Facebook you will be able to create a Facebook Page especially for your Local Business or place. Facebook will supply you with all the necessary tools adapted to your Local Business needs to reach as many of your local customers as possible.

Something awesome about creating a Facebook Page for your local business is what is called the Graph Search:

As you can see, Facebook fixes the search results to show Local Places for people searching for a term, and that’s very important for your Local Business Facebook Page get relevant visitors that are 100% free.

Facebook Advertising

Besides getting free traffic to your Facebook Page from the Graphic Search. Facebook also gives you the ability to advertise to as many people as you want from your local area by what is called Pay per Click Advertising.

Facebook has built an amazing Advertising Platform where you will be able to advertise almost anything you want in several different ways.

And when I say “advertise to as many people as you want from your local area” I do mean it. I think the fact that you can even advertise to Facebook Users living in a small suburb of your city is enough reason for you to be shocked.


Twitter also offer some amazing online advertising tools for local businesses. As with Facebook, Twitter gives your business the option of creating a Twitter Page as well as Advertising on their sponsored sections.

Twitter Page

Creating a Twitter Page for your business is just as easy as creating a basic twitter page, you just need to use your Local Business Details to create the account.

Similar to Facebook, with twitter you will have a personalized URL identifying your Twitter Page ( Something that can really boost your brand over the web.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter has a wide collection of Advertising options as well.

Besides giving you the tools, they will even provide you great examples of success stories you could easily clone and apply.



LinkedIn, being the world’s largest professional network is a must-use network for any business. LinkedIn is just extraordinary in relation to their online professional tools for businesses, and that’s because its focus is oriented for professionals, which means it’s directly related to businesses, whether local, national or international.

LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn offers an exclusive area for businesses to create their company page, which is absolutely great for your local business.

LinkedIn has a very easy to apply training course in which you will be able to learn how to apply every step of the process from creating your Company Page, to Learning how to attract more followers, to learning how to engage your exclusive audience.

LinkedIn is a must for your local business presence over the web.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn also facilitates sponsor advertising inside their network.

“LinkedIn Ads is a self-service advertising solution that allows you to create and place ads on prominent pages on the website. People click on your ads and visit your website.”

“You specify which LinkedIn members view your ads by selecting a target audience: by job title, job function, industry, geography, age, gender, company name, company size, or LinkedIn Group.” Source

As you can see, it is really possible to target high quality customers located in your hometown by using LinkedIn advertising platform.

Anything is possible over the web nowadays. It’s a matter of finding and correctly using the right tools that have been prepared on behalf of your own business.



Since it started, Pinterest has been doing wonders on social media. They also cater to businesses and have a very nice social experience for your business ready for you to enjoy.

Pinterest Business Pages

You can freely join as a business directly, or if you already have a Basic Pinterest account you created previously for your business, you can just convert it.

Pinterest offers you a special place to show you wonderful success stories people are actually experiencing by using Pinterest for their Business purposes.

Pinterest is slightly different than other social platforms, because it is a platform based primarily on image sharing. Nevertheless, your audience might be hanging out there as much as other social platforms, so having multiple opportunities to reach them is not exactly bad for your business don’t you think?

Pinterest Advertising

Pinterest is about to launch their Promoted Pins advertising service. And let me tell you, pins are crazy viral, imagine how promoted pins will be. So be ready to check out their service. Maybe it’s live right now, so go ahead and check it out right away.

In strategy I didn’t include Google+, which is very strong for Local Businesses, and the reason is that Google My Business has included all their amazing tools for local businesses there, including Google+.

So avoid getting confused with Google+ and get the most out of Google+ for your local business by using Google My Business.