How To Do Video Marketing The Right Way – Step 2: Submit

Step 2: Upload

Now I will show you the second step of the process which is uploading your Video.

As you already noticed, there are several video sharing sites where you could upload your video, but I will focus only on one, which is the most important one. And that one is YouTube. YouTube will bring you the greatest benefits in terms of Video Marketing.

In order to upload your brand new video to YouTube, you will need to create a channel.

Creating a YouTube Channel is extremely simple. First of all you must go to and Sign in.


In order to create a YouTube Channel on any topic of your choice you first have to have a YouTube Account, as well as a Google account, already created. I already have a Google account as well as a YouTube Account. So I will log in. And then you will go to the top right corner and go to the Settings area.



And clicking here you will be able to see all of your YouTube Channels listed.



You see I just have one YouTube Channel listed, which is the default channel created when I created the YouTube Account. Now I will like to create one. To do that I will need to click on “Create a new Channel”



Now something very important for you to do right after creating your brand new YouTube Channel is to put some color to it. Don’t make the common mistake of leaving your YouTube Channel empty with nothing to see. You will need to insert your Channel Icon and your Channel Art at least.



In order to add your Channel Icon you will be redirected to the Google+ Account of your YouTube Channel. Once you create your YouTube Channel, a new Google+ Account is created at the same time. That happens with every YouTube Channel you create. The Channel Icon must be at least 250 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall. The Channel art will be uploading directly to the YouTube Channel. The Channel Art must be at least 2048 pixels wide and 1152 pixels tall.



Awesome, your brand new YouTube Channel looks a lot better now. And finally it’s time to make it look a lot cooler by uploading your first video.



A very important piece of advice before uploading your video is changing the name of the file, so it will display the proper name inside of YouTube.



Awesome, your video is uploaded. Now the last thing you will do in this step is to publish it and you are finished. And this is how your brand new video looks…