How To Do Video Marketing The Right Way – Step 1: Create

In this step by step process I will show you the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to create a video for business purposes. The intention of a video is to make the viewer act, do something. And the most common thing videos invite the viewer to do is to visit a website. So the video shouldn’t be too long. Just atractive enough to make the viewer want to know more, so he wants to visit your website. The core steps we will cover in the process are:

  • Step 1: Create
  • Step 2: Submit
  • Step 3: Optimize
  • Step 4: Advertise

Step 1: Create

In this step we will cover everything you need to know about creating your video from start to finish. We will divide this step into 5 Parts: Building the Title, planning your video, searching for images or video clips, creating your video, and downloading your video.

Part 1: Building the title

The first step is obviously pick the title you will name your video, and there are several things to be aware of on this extremely important step. The title you will use must include a hot topic inside of it, you have to make sure your topic is hot on the web. If there is no online audience in your niche, to whom would you be advertising?

You will research for a term, or what is known as a “keyword” that may directly identify your business activity. That keyword will represent a real audience online, and that exact audience is who you will be advertising to using your brand new video. This keyword is very important. It will be used to create the Title of your video and that title is what people will search for in order to find more information about the subject of your business, as well as how they will find your video.

It is very important to use the name of your business as the name of your Video, but a popular keyword may be combined with that name at the same time. Maybe a lot of people would look for your business name over the web, but you could target a great deal more people by using a hot keyword at the same time.  In my situation I would like to create a Video for my Cake Decorating small business. What I will do is use a few really nice tools and see what the “Cake Decorating” keyword looks like on the web.

There are so many different keyword research tools but I will use the tools provided by the websites most people use to search for information about any topic online. The website most used by people to search about any topic online is Google offers some really nice keyword research tools to help you identify a hot-buyer audience over the web. Google offers what is called the Keyword Planner  There are 4 principal components that will tell you if your topic is hot on Google.


The 1st component of a hot topic is a lot of searches. Here you can see the searches from the Google Keyword Planner


The 2nd component of a hot topic is the presence of advertisers.

This means marketers are spending money advertising their websites, products and services by using that exact keyword inside their advertising campaigns.

If marketers are spending money on advertising, they are not doing it for the fun of it, they are doing it because they are actually getting something in return.






The 3rd component of a hot topic is the Cost per Click value. This is the way you can identify how commercial your topic is. Those advertisers of the 2nd component are spending money for every time someone clicks on their ad. The higher the CPC the greater the commercial value of that keyword. If their advertising expenses are high, that means your topic has a committed buyer audience online

Affiliate Products

The 4th Component is one of the most important ones.

It’s great to have a very interested audience in your topic, it’s great to know there are advertisers spending a good amount of money advertising in your topic but without the existence of products being sold, how can you say your topic is in fact commercial enough for you to market your business online.

The presence of real products actually being sold is the greatest indicator of a hot selling topic online. No other component can beat this one. There are 2 awesome websites where you will be able to identify this. Amazon for Physical Products and ClickBank for Digital Products.

Performing a basic search with your keyword on Amazon will show you a list of products all related to that search.

There are a lot of things you can consider here. You can consider the number of reviews, which will tell you how many buyers have taken the time to leave a testimony about the product after purchasing it and using it.

Another great piece of info you can take from here is the Titles of the products which will give you a very good idea on hot topics to promote online. And finally the price may tell you about what the price point is that this audience is normally paying for products in this topic.

On ClickBank I found a few digital products to promote. It’s not that great compared to Amazon, but I can still use those products as examples for topics. Great, now that you have found out that your topic is hot and highly profitable on the web, you can create the title of your Video. My little cake decorating business’ name is Cake Decorating Made Easy, so I think that title will work just fine.

Part 2: Planning your Video

Now comes a very important step. You can’t just go straight to creating a video without a plan.

My video will be 60 seconds long. I want people to get excited enough to find out more information, and they will find out more by going to my website.

So the video should create the need for them to go to my website. If they are interested in Cake Decorating they will be viewing my video because of it, and if I tell them there is a really nice website talking about cake decorating they will be more likely to visit it.

My video will start with a question, then it will display some really nice cake decorating images, then I will introduce more text as well as more images, another question, more images, another exclamation, more images and finally I will invite the viewer to visit my website.

Do you love Cake Decorating?

I do too!

Have you checked out my free and really awesome techniques?

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People get emotional watching videos, and if you touch on their likes, and you share that you have the same likes as them – that will emotionally connect them with you.

Besides that people like free stuff. And also what cake decorating lovers look after are ideas so they can make their own cake decorating talent a lot better.

Then you must be confident that your information will be helpful to them and finally you must tell them specifically what they should do.

That will create curiosity and they will want to visit your website.

That sounds like a good plan to me.

This is just a short example. You can create longer videos of course. But remember the importance of creating a plan before taking action.

Ideas are important, organized ideas will give you a clear vision and applying organized ideas will literally give you great results.

Part 3: Searching for images or video clips

Now you will start looking for the material you will be using in order to create your video. You can create a video with only text, you can also create it with text and images, and you can even create it with text, images and video clips. In my case I will use text and images.

So right now I will need several images related to cake decorating. I know it’s extremely easy to find great images, but most of them are paid. What I will do is show you how you can save money on images, finding free ones. First of all go to google, type your keyword and click search. And then you will select images.



Now, a very important thing to consider here is you can’t just pick those images and start using them because many of them might be copyright protected. So you will refine your search by clicking on Options and Advanced Search.



Then you will go down and select “free to use or share even commercially” on the “usage rights” tab. And click advanced search.



Now you can pick some really nice images and use them without any copyright problems.

Other places you can find free images are the following:

And what about free video clips? Here you have a nice place for that too:

Of course it will be a lot better if you use your own images and video clips, but this is an option if you don’t have any good looking images and videos. Remember your own pictures and videos are extremely important.

Part 4: Creating your video

Now the fun part begins. Here I will show you how to create a really nice looking video for dirt cheap.

I will be using a fabulous service called Animoto.


Animoto is one of the greatest video creation services (online and mobile) that makes it easy and fun for anyone to create and share extraordinary videos using their own pictures, video clips, words and music.

Millions of people actively use Animoto for everything from special occasions like birthdays, weddings and trips, to sending a quick special greeting, or just to share everyday moments. Taken from Animoto

Animoto has recently launched their Business area. You will be shocked with what you could achieve there. But I would like to show you how to create as many excellent and high quality videos as you want for only $5 with Animoto.

First of all you will need to create a brand new account by clicking on “Sign Up”



Then you will fill out all your personal details and click on “Sign Up”



Once inside you will click on the account tab


Once there you will upgrade your account.



Then you will click right here where says “See personal pricing plans”



And here is where I want you to take a look. Here you will pick the PLUS pricing plan, which will be more than enough right now.



Great, after you have made your payment, you will go over to the “My Videos” Tab and you will see no video has been created. So let’s create one now



You will be able to choose a style. You can even see a preview of the style. And then you will end up in the Creating dashboard.



This area is extremely easy to manage. You will be able to add pictures and even video clips. You will be able to add text. And after words you will be able to watch a Preview. You will even be able to change the music if you want.



Part 5: Downloading your video

Now that your video is ready. You will be able to download it. But before that there are a few options you can pick from.

Something very important to consider in the creation process of a video is the quality of the video.

Here with Animoto you will be able to upgrade the definition of your video. I recommend you upgrade it to the 720p HD resolution. There is something viewers including me really hate about videos, and that is low definition videos.

High definition videos will look original and top quality.



Great, now you are able to download your HD video.