Making Money By Jacking Product Launches

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money on YouTube, and there’s a little-known affiliate marketing strategy called “product launch jacking” that is easier to execute on YouTube than everywhere else. This strategy consists in finding a hot affiliate offer to promote before it launches. That way you will be able to rank your promotion before everyone else!

Finding An Upcoming Hot Product Launch

The first step of this strategy is to find an upcoming product launch. The safest place to find hot upcoming product launches is at “”. There you will be able to check upcoming product launches on the most popular affiliate marketplaces by date.

Now, our recommendation is to select a product launch with an unusual name. That’s because an unusual name will be easier to rank with your target keywords than a name with a high degree of competition.

Once you have selected a product launch, click on it to go to its launch page. If the affiliate landing page is not on, simply go to the affiliate marketplace where the product is going to launch, and search the name of the product. Once on the affiliate landing page, take a look around and make sure that it looks good and professional.

Setting Up Your Promotional Video

Now look for the product creators on the page and contact them. You have to ask them if they can give you access to a promotional video about the product, or if they can give you access to the product so you can promote it ahead of the launch.

If they can’t provide you with a video or product demonstration, simply create a video to discuss the product launch and to discuss the product features highlighted on the affiliate landing page.

Setting Up A Jacked Product Launch Channel

To properly rank and promote your promotional video you have to create a channel dedicated to the product launch. This is because the additional keywords in the channel name and description will boost the video’s ranking, and will also help you to hijack post-launch sales by funneling searches back to your channel and videos.

Start by clicking on the channel icon located on the top-right corner. Now click on the “settings option. Now click on “see all my channels or create a new channel”. Now click on “create a new channel”.

Now enter the name of the product in the “brand account name” field. We recommend you to include a “video keyword” in the channel name if it applies. For example, if you have been given a product demonstration to review, include the keyword “review” at the end of your title. In our example, we will simply use the name of the product, which will be easy to rank later.

Click on the “create” button once you’ve entered the name of your new channel. Now click on the “customize channel” button. Upload your channel icon and your channel art. Now click on the “about” tab to add the product description on the channel description.

Uploading And Optimizing Your Product Launch Video

Now click on the camera icon button on top and then on the “upload video” option. Click on “select files to upload”, locate your product launch video on your computer and then double-click on it.

Now it is time to optimize your video, starting with the title. You want to rank the video for high-traffic terms in your niche, so start by adding them, followed by the name of the product, a video keyword, the keyword “launch”, the launch date, and the name of the affiliate marketplace at the end of the title. Please note that you can vary the order of the keywords in your title to form a coherent title.

In the description you can add the video title followed by the affiliate link provided by the product vendors. Then make sure to add your high-traffic terms in the “tags” field. Then click on publish. And that is it! For better results, make sure to always pick product launches that are still one or two weeks before launch day.