Must-Know YouTube Best Practices For Businesses

YouTube is a must for businesses that want to grow their online presence, to build their brand, to get more leads, and to close more deals. As a business owner, or as a marketer managing YouTube Marketing efforts on behalf of a business, you won’t need to spend a lot of money on video ads to get results if you apply the following best practices.

Create A Video Marketing Calendar

As a business owner, or as a marketer with business owners as clients, you already know how important it is to keep everything on schedule. That means that you will have to include a slot for YouTube Marketing on your business calendar. Because it is not enough to upload marketing videos to YouTube when you feel like it, the best way to get started is by adding video marketing to your existing blog and social media editorial calendars, or by simply creating a separate video marketing calendar.

Now, there are several factors that you have to consider when creating a video marketing calendar beyond posting video content at certain dates and intervals. First, you have to define your buyer personas. Buyer personas are essentially the percentage of viewers among your audience that qualify as potential buyers. There are two ways to define your buyer personas.

The easiest way to define a buyer persona is through your existing customers, which include people that have bought from your affiliate links, people that have bought from your online stores, and people who have bought from your sponsors.

The other way is through people that have shown an interest in your offers. You can identify them by checking who is watching your product-centered videos and by checking who is actively discussing product-related topics in the comments section of your videos.

Once you have identified these people you have to create a checklist with the following questions:

  • What are the problems or needs of buyers and potential buyers of your products?
  • How can your products help them solve their problems or needs?

Once you have identified your buyer personas, you will have to create your video marketing calendar based on the best times to promote specifically to them. To do this effectively you will have to research what platforms your buyer personas spend the most time on, what are the best times to post content and announcements to those platforms, and what type of content is the best for engaging people on those platforms.

Divide Your Video Marketing Calendar Into Different Types Of Videos

One of the most successful ways of providing value to your potential customers on YouTube is by dividing your video marketing calendar into different activities. That way you’ll make sure to keep your audience as well as your customers coming back to watch your videos at a specific rate, depending on what type of videos they like to watch the most.


The different types of marketing videos that we have found to work the best
for different people are:
  • Product Promotions
  • Event Promotions
  • Whiteboard Videos and Animations
  • Webinars
  • Software Demonstrations, especially if they’re live
  • Live Streams
  • “Behind The Scenes” and “Company Culture” videos
Don’t Oversell

Although directly selling your products or services is the end goal of any business, you have to remember that YouTube is a social video sharing platform. That means that you have to learn how to use it to build buyer trust first. You see, most people on YouTube are looking for entertainment. When people are not looking for entertainment, they’re looking for information that can help them solve a particular need or problem. Most of the time, this information comes in the form of a tutorial, or a “how to video”.

As a business, this is the opportunity to showcase your product or service in a helpful way, first by addressing the problem and then by executing a solution using your product or service as a means to solve that problem. So the main objective of your video content should always be to provide value by helping viewers to solve their problems. You won’t need to encourage your viewers to buy your product, as they would just make a purchasing decision on the spot or later, based on how helpful your videos are!

Tune Up Your Channel

You have to optimize your channel’s presentation as much as you would optimize your storefront or online store. That’s because a business’ YouTube channel has to be its video content hub. Steps that you can take to optimize your business YouTube channel include branding everything by including your company logo as your channel logo and by including it on your channel art, organizing your content in rows that display your most relevant content first, and featuring a trailer video for your business at the top of your channel.

Include As Many Conversion Elements As Possible In Your Videos

Unless your business makes its revenue by monetizing video traffic, we recommend you to include as many conversion elements as possible in your videos to increase the chances of converting viewers into leads and customers.

Conversion elements that work very well and are not intrusive include:

  • Annotations that link to your business website.
  • Annotations that link to related product-centered videos on your channel.
  • Affiliate links within the first 250 characters in your description.
  • Extended Outro segments.